Rabies threat in the NWFP

Editorial in DAWN: ONE of the most cruel and barbaric methods still being used to deal with the threat of rabies is the killing of stray dogs. This has never solved the problem. As a report on Saturday from Peshawar revealed, cialis the issue has more to do with the unavailability of anti-rabies vaccines in […]

The News letter to the editor – I

The Pakistan Animal Welfare Society has informed us that “thousands of stray dogs who have long roamed the streets of Karachi may soon be the target of an extensive and cruel campaign to eliminate them.” It is said that the authorities will spread capsules of strychnine in the streets. We must protest against this kind […]

Police shoot leopard dead – Dawn report

!http://photos21.flickr.com/25485197_379de895e2_m.jpg! PESHAWAR, store July 11: Police commandos on Monday shot dead a leopard which reportedly killed six women in northwestern Pakistan, order officials said. They lured the leopard into a forested area with a caged goat and then sprayed the cat with bullets when it fell for the trap, salve said Feroz Shah, a senior […]

Dawn letter to the editor – II

THIS refers to the Karachi city government’s plan to eliminate pye-dogs by laying out poison-filled sweetmeats and meat in every town and union council. This not only poses a threat to pet dogs and cats but also to garbage pickers and beggars. Moreover, it is a cruel way to get rid of pye-dogs.