Karachi’s stray dogs

The Karachi city government’s decision to poison stray dogs in an attempt to contain their growing numbers is ill-founded and inhumane. It shows a total disregard for non-lethal alternatives presented to the city government officials by animal rights activists, doctors, health officials and citizens. Their proposal was based on the recommendations of the World Health […]

All about Lifestyles Exhibition 2005

!http://photos14.flickr.com/18922490_93932e2ada_m.jpg! I’d heard a lot about the pet shows organized by the Dawn Group of Newspapers as part of the yearly All about Lifestyles exhibition; but I’d never managed to see them. This year, as I was one of the people manning the PAWS table, I got to see both events, the Pet Show and […]

“Madness” in Karachi rabies response

KARACHI, Pakistan – “Karachi mayor Niamatul-lah Khan is about to go on a rampage, poisoning 500,000 stray dogs in total disregard of alternatives presented by the Pakistan Animal Welfare Society, along with a large number of doctors, health officials, and Karachi citizens,” Engineers and Scientists for Animal Rights founder Syed Rizvi warned on Friday, May […]

May 30th City Govt meeting on rabies and stray dogs

Dear All, On the one hand the City Government has offered its cooperation to PAWS in the setting up of an ABC programme in Karachi, on the other it is resolutely continuing with its senseless dog killings. While we fully intend to take the Nazim up on his word, we believe this offer to help […]

City Govt. Dog Killing Campaign

The following is a translation by PAWS of the 3-page Urdu handout with guidelines and responsibilities for various government officials involved in the ‘Kutta Maar Mohim’ (dog-killing campaign) that was handed out at the May 30th City Government meeting on rabies and stray dogs.

A Horse At Islamabad Villa

This article was first published in Horizon, Winter, 1965, volume vii, number 1. The views are the writer’s own. Writer Denis Shaw was rector of St. Wilfrid’s a downtown parish in Manchester, England. Before his ordination, in 1959, he spent ten years in India and Pakistan, where he studied Hinduism, taught English, ran a tea […]