The News letter to the editor – II

Why poison stray dogs? As an active volunteer with the Cowichan Valley for the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), I am appalled to hear of the mass poisonings of stray dogs in Karachi. Many of the animals suffer terribly from this cruel way of killing. Please consider alternative methods such as […]

Dawn letter to the editor – I

WE have been informed by the Pakistan Animal Welfare Society that “thousands of stray dogs who have long roamed the streets of Karachi, medicine Pakistan, discount may soon be the target of an extensive and cruel campaign to eliminate them.” It is said that the authorities will spread capsules of strychnine in the streets. We […]

Karachi’s stray dogs

The Karachi city government’s decision to poison stray dogs in an attempt to contain their growing numbers is ill-founded and inhumane. It shows a total disregard for non-lethal alternatives presented to the city government officials by animal rights activists, doctors, health officials and citizens. Their proposal was based on the recommendations of the World Health […]