27 Jul

Internship and Volunteer Opportunities at PAWS


We are looking for interns and volunteers to manage our upcoming stream of projects at our new office corner at T2F in Karachi. Spend your autumn working on exciting animal welfare related projects. You’ll get the opportunity to gain experience in animal rescue coordination, communication, research and writing, data analysis, documentation, community outreach and fundraising.

Animal lovers, writers, veterinary and zoology students, biologists, artists, graphic designers, filmmakers, photographers, architecture, statistics and business students are encouraged to apply. Read More

28 Sep

Livestock for Livelihood

Village life

Help support the livelihood of the families of Sindh and Baluchistan’s rural communities by donating a goat. Goats can provide an ongoing income through the sale of milk and ghee, prostate as well as supplement their own diet and agriculture.

Your donation of 16, case 000 PKR will buy a healthy goat which we’ll deliver to a family in need. This cost includes: purchase of the goat and its delivery, initial veterinary examination and vaccination. You can, however, donate any amount you want. Read More

29 May

Have You Seen My Dog?

Ridiculous Theatre presents “Have You Seen My Dog?”

Nimra Bucha, price Joshinder Chaggar, treat Imran Yusuf, Ali Hayat

Written by Shandana Minhas
Directed by Sunil Shanker

This play was part of a fundraiser event for PAWS organized by the Animal Lovers Collective at T2F on May 17, 2012.