You can donate any amount, anytime. However if you feel you can make a monthly pledge for donation it will enable us to continue to help animals in need.

Monthly pledge amounts:

PKR 2,500
PKR 5,000
PKR 10,000

If you would like to make regular monthly donations, you can set up automatic transfers via your bank.

The easiest way to donate to us is to make an online transfer via internet banking.

If you’re in Pakistan you can make a cash deposit in person at any Standard Chartered branch in the country.

You can also do ATM transfers to our account, or mail us a cheque.

Make cheques payable to: Pakistan Animal Welfare Society
Mailing Address: 5-3-1, Sector 15, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi 74900, Pakistan

Title of Account: Pakistan Animal Welfare Society
Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank
Bank Address: WTC – Clifton Branch, Karachi, Pakistan
Branch Code: 072
Account Number: 01-1508933-01

Just be sure to email us at about your donation amount and date so that we may send you an acknowledgement.

For other ways you can support us, see our support page.

28 thoughts on “Donate”

  1. I read about PAWS efforts to help the flood affected animals. I was wondering if you have any plans for doing something like that again? I’m interested in donating money specifically for any flood related work that you may do.

    1. Ayesha, thanks for helping out. We are collecting medicines for the flood affected animals this year. Please visit our website for donation options.

  2. In Karachi there are many homeless animals I would like to donate money I earned to help them. Please reply quickly. Also may I ask how much you recommend.


    1. Thanks for getting in touch with us. Please visit our website for donation options. Any amount would help in alleviating the suffering of animals.

  3. i’ve a street puppy he’s injured but i cant take care of him&i want 2 donate him 2 paws but i dont know were is the paws in multan is there any 1 ho can help me…..?

  4. Hi,
    I would like to commend you guys on the great work you are doing to alleviate the plight of animals in Pakistan. I would like to donate some money for the cause. However since I live in the US, I’m not sure which is the best way to transfer the amount. Could you guys get in touch with me through email so I can sort it out? Thanks and keep up the great work!

    1. We are based in Karachi, but don’t have an office, clinic or shelter here yet either. We collaborate with private veterinary clinics who help us rescue and house injured animals.

  5. Great to learn there is someone trying to help animals in Pakistan. With all the overseas residents wanting to help would setting up a system such as paypal or other regular payment method be possible? I would be very interested in making regular monthly donations to help your efforts.

    1. Thanks, Omar. In order to open a paypal account abroad, for example in the United States, we need to be legally registered as a 501c charity. Currently, we’re only registered in Pakistan. Please visit our website for donation options.

  6. Hi PAWS
    I just started a dog rescue group called National Dog Rescue.To start of we want to help the dogs in Pakistan as most of our family and resourcefulness live there.We were wondering is there a e-mail to contact you guys on? We are starting a mission called P.A.E (Pakistan Animal Evacuation) our goal is to rescue puppies and bring them back to Canada where we have adopters and foster homes ready. We were wondering is we can Partner up with PAWS for this mission? We need to have a veterinarian ready on hand to vaccinate and make papers for the traveling dog. We also need to have discount on vaccine and papers. That why we would love for you to partner up we us for this Mission please look at our website for more information.Please reply

  7. i hv a injured cat she cnt walk properly badly injured kindly help me as i want her to donate to paws i cnt take care of her nd cnt bear all the expensive of vets paws plsss help me i cnt leave her on road for die wat shd i do i live in karachi jux guide me ur address…………

  8. paws plss help my cat i found her on road side she has lost her home nd had an accident her backbone badly injured wa shd i do with her once i took her to wet as well but itx to much expensive i cnt afoard it plsss help her she will die otherwise do contc me on i want her to donate u paws…..

  9. Hi All! Please note that I have a pure breed lab female, very friendly and is urgently looking for a loving home, she currently needs medical help, since she has developed a skin problem and I do not have the time to give to her to heal her, is there anyone out there who has extreme love for animals? She just craves attention and not very social with other dogs. But very people friendly, that’s for sure! If anyone genuinely wants to adopt her, please reply back! My email ID is, i am currently in Karachi and preferably karachi people only! looking forward to your replies URGENTLY! Thanks alot

  10. AOA. My name is Ibrahim.I live in Lahore. I have a male cat who is injured in road accident. HE has fracture in one of his back leg, and some injury is his spinal cord. I want to know that this NGO can adopt him? May you buddies can handle him better than me. bcz i hav not much money for his surgery my contact 0301-4181007. Please help the cat :-(

  11. ASSALAM O ALAIKUM!!!!!!! i have a cat who just born 3 kittens… my cat had a surgery of uterus yesterday so she is not feeding her kittens… i cannot take care of them as i don’t have any experience of this…. as u have mentioned your korangi address in this page, is the same place where i can leave my cat??

  12. Hi great work guys you have my full respect…can i make a suggestion for you guys to make it easier for us in international countries such as the UK and the US to donate money to you online…sending checks and moneygram is cumbersome and if you can intergrate a better online method im sure you will get a lot more donations as its easier !

  13. hi paws i have started a charity drive in my school and if it is success full i will donate all of it to paws.wellcone guys u r doing an excellent job!!!!!

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