“Madness” in Karachi rabies response

KARACHI, Pakistan - "Karachi mayor Niamatul-lah Khan is about to go on a rampage, poisoning 500,000 stray dogs in total disregard of alternatives presented by the Pakistan Animal Welfare Society, along with a large number of doctors, health officials, and Karachi citizens," Engineers and Scientists for Animal Rights founder Syed Rizvi warned on Friday, May [...]

City Govt. Dog Killing Campaign

The following is a translation by PAWS of the 3-page Urdu handout with guidelines and responsibilities for various government officials involved in the 'Kutta Maar Mohim' (dog-killing campaign) that was handed out at the May 30th City Government meeting on rabies and stray dogs. h3. City District Government Karachi Information and Responsibilities Regarding the Dog-Killing [...]

Stop the Freshwater Turtle Massacre Now!

!http://photos11.flickr.com/15040031_fcb86eb7e9_m.jpg! It has come to our notice that 'freshwater turtles in the Punjab are being brutally massacred':http://www.dawn.com/2005/05/21/nat31.htm for profit at a scale that puts their very existence at risk. Not only is their killing being carried out in an extremely brutal fashion, there is absolutely no check on the numbers that are being lost daily [...]