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  1. Zahra
    i have small kiti and some one told me its cute .. but i hate kittis if u realy want dat
    jst let me know how could i send you ,?

  2. hey I am facing a serious problem here….actually about 5 years ago i adopted two pairs of indian tigers. As these are big cats so they eat a lot, require a lot of free space to move around, and need a lot of care and time. Now these tigers have given babies and they are 8 in number.
    previously the monthly expenses of food and medication of those four tigers were around Rs.80,000-120,000. But as they have grown their family so its costing me around 200,000 nowadays because the cubs are younger. So if anyone intrested in keeping a pair of tigers please let me know. But you must be having a lot of space and money in order to adopt them because my indian tigers grow upto 3-3.5 meters in length and they eat a lot…i live near Kohat…contact me:

  3. i have a five year old GERMAN Shepherd, 5 MONTH OLD we are selling him if any one intrested please contact # 03332180646 faraz

  4. I have a 4 month old German Shepherd Male, we want to sell it off if any one interested in buying please contact Faraz 03332180646……

  5. Dear all
    I want to know about some parks in karachi where i can take my dogs with me for jogging and running.
    I am living in DHA and could not find a single park where they alow pets……..

  6. hey i need a male persian adult cat for breeding
    intresting peoples contact me plzzz

  7. We have a very pretty male kitten (P trained) about 1.5years age up for adoption any one interested pl contact 03009888356(Islamabad),
    contact Mrs sami

  8. pl advice places where we can take out our dogs in karachi as there’s not a single park where we can take them along for fun.

  9. hey is there any puppy that i can adopt ?? i need two healty puppies
    let me know if u have any good breed

  10. hello,
    i want to adopt any kind of snake. if any one have any kind of snake and want to get ride . plzzz contact me

    i want to establish an organization witch bread the poisonous snake to provide venom. i m researching on poisonous since 8 years. if any one can help me then plz contact me.

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