1. Hi,

    Today i was in troble, My female doberman was not eating since last night, she stuck something in her mouth and couldnt close her mouth. I couldnt find any doc who could come home to see her coz she gave birth to 7 pupps and was not willing to leave home. I request on this site and some decent girl/women called and guide me how to find Lahore doctor , and i follow instructions and found a doctor, he came home and fixed the problem. I am very happy tht there are still people who are willing to sove others problems.


  2. Urgent help look up rude plannet and rude dog club on face book and stop this event they are organising, he also sells dogs as pets on olx.com.pk here is an ad http://karachi.olx.com.pk/pure-dog-s-for-sale-iid-108339835 and dogspk.com

    More Info ;

    Created By Rude Plannet

    Rude Dog Club is organizing the event of dog fight on 25th of September from 6.30 pm – 9.00 pm. fight between English Bull Terrier/Pit Bull vs Bultair. People who interested to get there dogs into the PIT can contact and those who wanna watch this live can also contact. passes available after 13th September.

    one member responded;

    Edwin Joseph – Your having an event is ok. But dont make it public on the internet. Everyone here loves dogs but not Dog fights necessarily… They could create problems.



    Excellent caring skills for animals, tactful and sympathetic in order to deal with upset or nervous owners, good at handling animals at the delicate tasks, such as giving injections, prepared to carry out messy or unpleasant tasks. Possessing the stamina to cope with the physical and emotional demands and able to communicate effectively with owners and colleagues. Excellent administrative skills. Now looking for a new stable hand/ groom position in the capital of Pakistan.

    Helping veterinary surgeons treat and look after sick and injured animals. Work mainly with domestic animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits and a caged bird some jobs also involves horses farm animals and more exotic species such as snakes. Nursing duties are the main part of work. These include:

    a) Holding animals and keeping them calm during treatment.

    b) Giving injections and drugs (under directions of the vet)

    c) Collecting blood, urine and other samples and carrying out in-house lab work.

    d) Sterilizing instruments, taking x-rays, preparing animals for operations.

    e) Assisting during operations by handing instruments and maintaining levels of anesthetic.

    f) Carrying out minor procedure such as suture removal.

    g) Feeding, watering, cleaning quarters grooming and exercising

    h) Conducting clinics for sature removal, post operation checks and second vaccinations.

    i) Giving advice and information’s to owners about the care of there animals.

    j) Administrative duties include: arranging appointments, keeping records, maintaining stock of drugs and equipments, dealing with bills and accounts.

    k) Feeding, cleaning and general care of animals, assisting in the consulting room, preparing animals for treatment and preparing treatment areas.

    l) Often working weekends and on-call duties.


    Name: Mohsin Ali Raja

    Father’s Name: Ghazanfar Raja

    Date of Birth: September 29, 1989

    N.I.C. No: 37405-3985526-9

    Religion: Islam

    Domicile: Rawalpindi

    Marital Status: Single

    Present Address: House # 1-A, Iqbal street, Lane # 1, Ali Town,
    Adyala Road, Rawalpindi.

    Permanent Address: House # 1-A, Iqbal street, Lane # 1, Ali Town,
    Adyala Road, Rawalpindi.

    Mobile No: 0300-5056225

    Email: mohsin_aliraja@yahoo.com


    Degree Subject Board/university Marks Obtained
    LAD (Livestock Assistant Diploma) Veterinary Sciences University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences lahore 1026/1800
    Intermediate Arts Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad Waiting
    Matriculation Science Federal BISE 427/850


    Practicing at Dr. Rana’s Pets Clinic
    2-Month Internship in Civil Veterinary Hospital Rawalpindi
    2-Month Internship on Large Animals in BLPRI
    2-Months A.l. Practice in large animals in Civil Veterinary Hospital Rawalpindi


    Microsoft Office
    Windows Installation
    Adobe Photoshop
    Internet and Data Management


    1 Month Diploma of A.l. Technician at Vocational Training Institute Sheikhupoora.

    Poultry Management Diploma at PRI (Poultry Research Institute Rawalpindi)

    1 Month Diploma of First Aid from PIEDAR NGO
    3 Months English Language Certificate from Super Tech Institute of computer Sciences Rawalpindi

    3 Months Advance Diploma in Information Technology from Super Tech Institute of Computer Sciences Rawalpindi.


    Good Communication Skill
    Book Reading



  4. Hello,
    Since i was of 5 i used to bring homeless kittens, which i found on roads, parks and may be some times out side my house .. i love to serve these speechless creatures .. i have also pet rabbits, ducks, turtoise , alsation puppy and yes cats of diffrent species as well may be around 60 almost till now .. i never sold the kittens to any one if some one wanted to adopt the fellow me, my self firstly ensure that wether the kitten is going in safe hands or not .. after clearing my matricular examination i started saving my pocket money and started giving tutions to save as much money as i can for my pets .. right now em a gaurdian of a percian cat she is of 5 years, and her 4 kittens they are of around 2 months old .. i was busy in my exams thats why i shifted my other pets at my couzens place, going to welcome them home verry soon inshallah ..
    up till now i was working as an indivisual but now i need a plat form through which i could help these animals, actually not animals they are like my friends, my life , my world .. i would be realy greatful if the PAWS could help me out. i am looking forward for ur positive response.

    Thank you

  5. hi guys iam a cat lover i have three cats but now i want a dog german shefered for security purpose iam from can some plzzz help me getting one i can come to lahore plzzz help thanks

  6. i want to help a street dog, he got a broken leg and from last 2 years i am seeing him lumping around.he is not in good shape . i really want to help him .can any one plz tell me which NGO can help in this .

    jehangir karachi

      1. DO NOT GO TO DR. SHEHLA (03226160876) of PET VET in Phase 2 behind the NADRA office. She has killed 11 kittens belonging to various friends that I know and she killed my 7 week old persian kitten too! I took him for a simple flea treatment and she insisted on giving him an injection too. The next morning my kitten went into a coma. I called her the next morning and her assistant Issac arrived two hours later and give the poor baby a shot of cortizone. I took him to Dr. Isma and she ran tests and told me that he had received an overdose of the WRONG injection which is not supposed to be given to kittens at such a young stage in their lives and that he shouldnt have received the cortizone shot either. I had to bring my kitten back and administer IV drips myself throughout the night to try and flush out the toxins in the blood. After 14 hours on IV drips, he passed away early the next morning. I have received several other responses from people. She killed 9 other kittens in addition to the previous 11 and one of mine that I mentioned.

  7. Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports
    Lower Coyne Street, Callan, County Kilkenny, Ireland
    Email: jfitzg3@eircom.net
    Phone: 00 353 56 77 25543
    …Appeal… Ireland’s Parliament to vote on Ban Hare Coursing Bill…
    …Please ask Ireland’s Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister to support the Bill and allow a FREE VOTE!
    Two members of the Dail (Ireland’s parliament) will shortly be publishing a Bill aimed at banning the cruel practice of live hare coursing in the Republic of Ireland. Deputies Clare Daly and Maureen O’ Sullivan hope to garner enough support from other members of the Dail to secure the passage of the Bill into law.
    If they succeed, the horrific blood sport in which hares (better known as Jack Rabbits to North Americans) are used as live bait for greyhounds will become illegal and the long suffering Irish Hare will be protected from this organized cruelty.
    In Ireland, up to eighty hare coursing events are held each year. The so-called “sport” is cruel from beginning to end. Wild hares are captured by gangs roaming the countryside with nets. Some hares become injured during capture as a result of entanglement in the nets and these animals are discarded or killed.
    A coursing event involves setting pairs of greyhounds after the captured hares within the confines of a wire-enclosed field or race course. Each hare has to run towards an escape hatch at the opposite end of the venue. Though the dogs are muzzled, they can maul the hares, pin them to the ground inflicting injury, or toss them into the air like playthings. Many hares are subjected to painful injury and have to be killed as a result. The injuries include bone breakages that cannot heal and leg parts getting ripped off.
    Even hares released from captivity after a coursing event have not escaped the ordeal. Many of these succumb to a condition called Capture Myopathy, a stress-related ailment that may kill them, meaning that they literally “die of fright”, the entire unnatural experience including captivity having proved too much for them.
    As if this were not bad enough, hares are also used to “blood” greyhounds. Hares that are ill or injured are routinely fed LIVE to the dogs to enhance their performance in coursing. The aim is to give greyhounds a thirst for blood and encourage them to run faster in pursuit of the hares at the official coursing events.
    Hare coursing is illegal in Scotland, England, and Wales since 2004 and was banned in Northern Ireland in August of last year. The last Australian State to permit it was South Australia, which outlawed the practice in 1985.
    We are appealing to anyone who cares about the protection of animals, in the Republic of Ireland, or elsewhere in the world, to send a brief message to the two most powerful politicians in Ireland, the Prime Minister (Taoiseach in Irish), and Deputy Prime Minister (Tanaiste in Irish), asking them to allow a FREE VOTE in parliament on the forthcoming Bill to ban hare coursing and to set an example by supporting the Bill themselves.
    It is essential that all members of parliament are allowed to vote in accordance with their consciences or the Bill cannot be passed. Pro hare coursing politicians are pressing for members of parliament to be “whipped” by their respective parties into rejecting the proposed hare coursing ban.
    The Prime Minister Enda Kenny and Deputy Prime Minister Eamon Gilmore are also leaders of the two largest political parties in Ireland. They can determine the success or failure of the Bill.
    The Bill is expected to be voted upon by July.
    Even a very short message will suffice, simply requesting that all members of the Irish parliament will be permitted to support the anti hare coursing Bill if they so wish.
    We suggest that you write to, or email Mr. Kenny with a copy of your message to Mr. Gilmore.
    Their contact details are as follows:
    An Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) Enda Kenny
    Department of the Taoiseach,
    Government Buildings,
    Upper Merrion Street,
    Dublin 2 , Republic of Ireland
    Email: taoiseach@taoiseach.gov.ie
    An Tanaiste, (Deputy Prime Minister)
    Eamon Gilmore
    Office of the Tanaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade,
    Iveagh House,
    80 St. Stephen’s Green,
    Dublin 2, Republic of Ireland.
    Email: eamon.gilmore@oireachtas.ie
    We would appreciate if you would pass this appeal to other like-minded people/animal protection groups.
    For anyone unfamiliar with hare coursing as practiced in Ireland, here is a brief film:


    Anti Blood Sports Book free to download and available on Kindle:
    For further information on the campaign for the abolition of hare coursing in Ireland and the challenges faced by campaigners, you might like to read my book Bad Hare Days. In it I recount the ups and downs of the long struggle to protect the Irish Hare from the barbarity that some humans deem to be “sport”.
    The paperback edition of Bad Hare Days is out of print but the book is now available as a free download and is also on Kindle.
    It can be downloaded free of cost at any of the following three links:
    It can be downloaded on Kindle from the following links:
    Amazon UK:

    Amazon USA:

    Thanking you,
    John Fitzgerald,
    Campaign for the Abolition
    Of Cruel Sports

  8. PAWS send me yours email or postal address I want to contact with you regarding a protest for animal rights in Lahore. ………………………………………… Regards,Muhammad Ahsan(Environmental Activists)

  9. i have urgent message for you in Azad kashmir Mirpur general public shoot the leopard. but i dont want to see thm killed, female is left and peoples trying to chase her she is pragnant too i want some one come and save her.pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz contect on this number 0347-5200254

  10. hello everyone, i have a dog and want to crop its ears any vet who can help me with this since i don’t know any known vets within the vicinity of peshawar, please if anyone can help me out. The second problem is that my dog is almost 5 months old and its shedding its coat,hair loss is becoming excessive, please help me out with this.


  11. Hi Everyone!

    I am really happy to see such community growing (specially in our cruel country).
    I have rescued countless cats/kitties, birds and a dog as well.

    But i need your help this time, I have 5 pigeons (ordinary high flying, nothing special about them) I want someone to adopt them. Who can care properly for them and won’t eat or sale out them, i really have no place to keep them and neither time for them, plus all the cats around them.

    So please if you guys know someone who can care for them or anyone who can keep them, please do let me know. You can contact me on 0343-4661542

    Believe me i will be grateful to you my whole life. And forgot to mention I am in Lahore, even if anyone is nearby in any city I can try to deliver them.


  12. theres a dog in front of my house whose been crying for hours.ive tried to feed it but it wont eat. please give me the no for edhis animal shelter.

    1. If you’re in Karachi, please call Dr. Shalla Hayat to come and help. She can be reached at 0322 6160876. Or you can call Dr. Otho 0321 2471053, Dr. Ali 0345 6177779, Dr. Faisal +92 332 2446168

      Other vet numbers are on our website pawspakistan.org in the ‘vets’ section.

      Hope you’re able to get some help for the dog. Do keep us posted.

  13. PAWS is a great organisation. Its really great to see it leading the way for others such as Animal Care Association Pakistan, Aisha Chundrigar and others following their lead.

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