Death-row: Culling aside, sheep dying a slow death

Kazim Alam in Express Tribune: KARACHI: The stench of the dead, viagra buy half-dead and unburied sheep at PK Meat and Food’s farm is unbearable to say the least. Out of 21, search 000 ‘infected’ sheep that arrived in Pakistan from Australia on September 5, viagra dosage roughly 5,400 have already been slaughtered since last […]

Sentient Beings

  All creatures on earth are sentient beings. There is not an animal on earth, nor a bird that flies on its wings – but they are communities like you.  The Quran 6:38 Swiss animal rights lawyer, Antoine Goetschel, recently made international news when he defended a dead pike in a case of cruelty by […]

Perverse Pleasures of the Human Race

Reema at March, order Friday the 13th – Lucky for some – unlucky for some – Clearly unlucky for me, search friends of Shankar and for Shankar himself or – itself, healing if you must. May I have the honor to introduce “Shankar” – Shankar was an ordinary mongrel with the heart of an […]