My dear Baggu

Guest post by veterinarian Dr. Fahad. This essay, view rather a story, has been written in the remembrance of my pet kitten “Baggu”, who is now in heaven. She taught me what animal welfare actually is. Here I would like to sum up some of my very unique and enigmatic experiences that I have been […]

What a Miracle!

Sonya Rehman in Friday Times: She was spotted by my mother in FCC Park, shop in Gulberg, medications Lahore. It was early August during Ramadan. An emaciated dog, cialis curled up in one of the green belts, fatigued due to severe malnutrition and starvation, too weak to lift her head. More here.

The story of Boozou’s amazing rescue

Guest post by Armughan -E-Muhammad. I had bought a pet Semi Persian kitten (Male) for my wife as a birthday present on 10th Feb 2012. We named the cat Boozou Bumpets. Boozou is a very shy cat and gets scared very easily. It took us a whole month to get him to recognize and associate […]

Abandoned Kittens need foster mother

Karachi: Somebody separated two tiny 4 week old kittens from their mother and threw them in a garbage dump. We found them when they came stumbling towards us, skin and bones, covered in fleas and starving, looking desperately for their mother. If anyone has a nursing cat with kittens between the ages of 2 and […]

Dumped cats get adopted

Two cats were dumped by someone at their neighbour’s one fine day. They had actually sent their driver to dump them on the streets far away from home, but he didn’t have the heart to do that. He knew his neighbours were animal friendly, so he left the cats with them.