SOUTHASIA on Animal Rights Exclusive

Syed Rizvi in SA Global Affairs: SouthAsia has once again allocated its pages to issues of Animal Rights, here with fine articles from two reputable Pakistani writers: Nilofer Ahmed and Anees Jillani. I recall that, purchase for last year’s October issue, also devoted to Animal Rights, many authors of international stature were invited to contribute […]

Islam and Animal Rights

Maneka Gandhi in SouthAsia Magazine: Cruelty to animals is strongly condemned in the Qur’an and the Hadith of the Prophet and punishments are provided for it. Most of the Sahih Hadith collections have Abdullah Ibn Umar’s report, no rx “The Prophet cursed the one who treated animals harshly.”  Al-‘Asqalani specified that “The cursing indicates that […]

Helping animals in Pakistan

Guest post by Syed Rizvi, cure President and Founder, treatment Engineers and Scientists for Animal Rights, story San Jose, CA The mentality that conveys the message that we should help humans before we help animals is the same mentality among some who say we in America should help the poor in America before we help […]