Brutal cockfights attract gamblers

Faiza Ilyas in DAWN: KARACHI, March 3: Mutilated bodies of specially bred roosters lie unattended on the ground. The piece of land, partly covered by a marquee in Mowach Goth, has been the venue of a blood-curdling cockfight. Jubilant lovers of the outlawed sport, some accompanied by visibly shaken children, leave in twos and threes. […]

A sport that thrills but kills

Malik Tahseen Raza in DAWN: MUZAFFARGARH, prescription June 17: Cricket is often described here as a national passion but in some parts of Muzaffargarh, adiposity cockerel fight has over the years become much more than a favourite pastime, for sale a local wrestle mania. It is the sport at the local circuit that draws hundreds […]