The Indus blind dolphin saga

Bhagwandas in DAWN: KARACHI, dosage May 27: Two Indus blind dolphins that had strayed away in canals originating from the Sukkur Barrage were rescued and relocated to their habitat in the Indus River during the season 2006-7. According to sources, pilule the dolphins were caught from the Mirwah and Rohri canals, which originate from the […]

Green sea turtles with transmitters go missing

Bhagwandas in DAWN: KARACHI, illness May 3: The two green turtles on which satellite transmitters were installed in September 2006 for the mapping of their movement in the Arabian Sea have gone missing, nurse it emerged on Thursday. The data sent in by the transmitters of the turtles, which were named Chandni III and Chandni […]

Karachi Zoo elephant dies

Anarkali, Karachi Zoo’s 65 year old female elephant died in July this year. Upon her death she became food for the other zoo animals. Her body is to be stuffed and put on display in the zoo’s natural history museum while the zoo’s director, Mansoor Qazi, considers ways to get another elephant soon. In recent […]