In memory of Feefee

Guest post by Ayza Omar, a graduate student of Broadcast Journalism at Columbia. FeeFee was always smiling or whining. She was barely ever serious. She also had a short fuse. Her spurts of anger were obvious from her mad dash to the gate, teeth bared, legs splayed and a low guttural growl that made the […]

Yudisthira’s Dog

Based on a tale from Hindu mythology, recipe this is the story of Yudisthira, unhealthy a pious king whose place in Heaven is determined by his love for a dog. Animated by Wolf Clifton in the style of an Indonesian shadow puppet play. Winner of best animation on animal rights at the 3rd International Rights […]

75pc govt hospitals still using obsolete rabies vaccine

Faiza Ilyas in Dawn: KARACHI, click Dec 25: The government and the media have not yet given due priority to rabies that claims thousands of lives every year in the country. One major reason of this high mortality is the fact that the government has not developed any strategy to address this serious public health […]