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Injured cat rescued from Bunder Road

In the din of traffic and under the hot blazing sun lay an injured cat on Bunder Road. She was panting with her tongue out and eyes glazed over when I saw her. I was passing by the area in the afternoon, and had parked my car near Radio Pakistan. Next to it is the Richmond Crawford Government Veterinary Hospital. It is the largest and the oldest government veterinary hospital in the city. The cat was right next to the hospital wall. It was immobile and obviously in pain. Continue reading

Are zoos really necessary?

Guess post by Syed Rizvi, Founder/President of Engineers and Scientists for Animal Rights

A recent editorial on the topic of zoos and conservation in Dawn of November 17 is an admirable step toward bringing the animal issue to the lime light, since without such publications the issue can never reach public eyes and be a subject of debate. However, a comment in the editorial that zoos play an important role in the conservation of endangered species is a misleading one. The truth is that the primary motives of zoos are cheap entertainment at the cost of animal exploitation. Continue reading

Veterinary Doctors in Pakistan

 This is a list of a few private veterinary doctors and animal rescue services in Pakistan.

Disclaimer: PAWS is not responsible for any mishaps.

Animal rescue services in Pakistan


ACF Animal Rescue – Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation 0334 5665000, 7-8, Deh Mehran, near checkpost #3, Malir Cantt, Karachi. Landmark is KN Academy. Timings 10am to 6pm. Sundays closed.

Innocent Pets Shelter – Adeel, 0333 2302043, CS/L1 Saharanpur cooperative society, near Malir Cantt checkpost 6, Karachi

Karachi Animal Welfare Society – 0321 3832583, 03452228426, 02135172116, Plot 29A, Mharan Town, Korangi


Todd’s Welfare Society – Currently not rescuing animals. Shelter is under construction. info@toddswelfaresociety.org

See list below of private vets in Lahore


HWO Animal Rescue – Sunny Jamil, 03315080469, 0334 8975737 – g-8/2 street 17, Lahore

Animal Care Association of Pakistan – Kumael Hasnain, info@acapakistan.com

Continue reading

Street Puppy rescued from mangrove swamp

Street Puppy

It was the howl of despair that could have only come from a distressed soul. I was filming a documentary in the backwaters off the beaches of Sandspit in Karachi, when I heard the cries for help. A tiny brown and white puppy was wading through the murky waters of a mangrove swamp at the edge of a fishing village. Continue reading

Nomi, the lame donkey’s rescue

Nomi, the lame donkey One fine sunny Sunday morning I was on my way to the French Beach in Karachi with a few friends when we spotted a very lame donkey. A young boy of about 12 years of age was making the poor animal gallop at full speed on the metaled road near Hawkesbay. One front leg of the donkey was so crooked that its knees would rub against each other with each step. We could see the blood flowing down its legs, and immediately pulled over to take a closer look. Continue reading