19 Aug

KMC buys two lions at exorbitant price

Bhagwandas in DAWN:

KARACHI, stomach Aug 18: The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation has purchased two white lions from a private contractor at a price around 10 times higher than the one at which he acquired the pair of big cats, it emerged on Thursday. Conservatives that Dawn spoke to felt certain that an inquiry should be instituted into what appeared to be a shady deal.

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18 Aug

Absence of laws gives KMC free hand in zoos affairs

Faiza Ilyas in DAWN:

These facilities currently being run by the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation include the Karachi Zoological Gardens, viagra dosage one of the oldest zoos in the country. The absence of legislation deprives the facilities of standards on animal-keeping, a serious flaw that gave unquestionable authority to the administration and even to visitors over the rights of animals, compromising their well-being, they said. Another major obstacle in upgrading the facilities for captive animals, they pointed out, was the absence of administrative and financial autonomy and an acute shortage of trained staff at the facilities.

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25 Jul

Do we really need zoos?

Photo Credit: Express Tribune

Back in 2009, link DAWN had a wonderful editorial about the poor state of zoos in Pakistan. According to them:

WILD animals, sickness if they are bred in captivity or made captive through some cruel stroke of fate, price ought to be given sanctuary. They need to live in an environment that at least resembles their natural habitat. They can be a source of awe and wonderment for the onlooker but must never be treated as a means of amusement. Read More