Peshawar Zoo Bear Zoochsis at Peshawar Zoo To entertain residents of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, wildlife officials in Peshawar, Pakistan have caged a bear in a small barren enclosure, exploiting him by taking away his right to live wild. Devoid of any stimulation, the distressed animal can be seen suffering from zoochosis. More than 30 animals, including a snow […]

Body parts of turtles seized; five arrested

Report in DAWN: PESHAWAR, prostate Sept 19: The wildlife department seized body parts of turtles, cure weighing up to 300kg, tadalafil during a pre-dawn raid at a house in Aman Gar area of Nowshera district on Wednesday. The seized turtles were being taken to down-country for onward transportation abroad, said chief conservator Dr Mumtaz Malik […]