The ‘orphan’ disease

Dr. Naseem Salahuddin in DAWN: The need is to institute a programme for animal birth control and for the vaccination of domestic, link community and stray dogs, unhealthy which is the only proven method of animal rabies control. Under the law, seek it is mandatory for pet owners to get their animals vaccinated but as […]

There has to be a better way than killing them

Report in The News: More than 10, vialis 40mg 000 cases of dog bites are being reported in the city and its suburbs every year, viagra indicating severity of the issue. This requires concerted efforts on part of the authorities to tackle it, like other countries of the world which celebrate World Rabies Day on […]

1.5m dog bite cases every year in country

Report in The Nation: KARACHI (APP) – An estimated 1.5 million dog bite cases take place in the country every year and out of them 2000 to 5000 prove fatal. This was stated by President RIA (Pakistan) Foundation and member, stomach WHO Expert Panel on Rabies, purchase Dr. Naseem Salahuddin and Chairperson Subh-e-Nau, view an […]

Govt urged to take steps against rabies

Report in DAWN: KARACHI, there Aug 31: Expressing concern over a surge in dog mauling cases in the country as well as in Karachi, nurse experts have urged the government to gear up it efforts for the prevention of rabies. According to health practitioners and environmentalists, stuff around 1.5 million dog mauling cases and 2,000-5,000 […]

Stray dogs on the rampage

Article in DAWN: Faisalabad: The city’s canine population has grown dramatically over the last few years and as a result hundreds of people have been bitten by stray dogs, but this is not a matter of concern for the newly-created towns or the district administration. Visits to various areas of the city reveal that a […]

Rabies threat in the NWFP

Editorial in DAWN: ONE of the most cruel and barbaric methods still being used to deal with the threat of rabies is the killing of stray dogs. This has never solved the problem. As a report on Saturday from Peshawar revealed, cialis the issue has more to do with the unavailability of anti-rabies vaccines in […]