City Govt. Dog Killing Campaign

The following is a translation by PAWS of the 3-page Urdu handout with guidelines and responsibilities for various government officials involved in the ‘Kutta Maar Mohim’ (dog-killing campaign) that was handed out at the May 30th City Government meeting on rabies and stray dogs.

h3. City District Government Karachi

Information and Responsibilities Regarding the Dog-Killing Campaign.

Dr. Shaukat Zaman
District Officer Health
Regulation and Quality Control
City District Government Karachi

Responsibilities of the City Government:

# EDO Health, City District Government will provide every town 1000 capsules in the first stage of the campaign.
# DO Solid Waste Management will take special care to ensure that the dogs killed during the campaign will be disposed off scientifically so that diseases do not spread in areas adjacent to the dumping ground.
# The Health Department, City District Government will be in complete contact with all the towns/union councils during the campaign and all THOs will inspect their respective areas and deliver their reports to the EDO Health District Government.
# To make this campaign a success, the DO Media Management will inform the public and daily reports with pictures of dogs killed in all the towns and union councils will be published in newspapers.
# The committee set up by the Nazim has requested him that to make the campaign effective and to boost the spirits of all staff involved, the Nazim should grant at least 20 lakh rupees from his provincial budget which will be distributed among the best working staff across all the towns and union councils.
# The DO Media Management will use the local newspapers to inform all such citizens who have pet animals that they keep their pet animals/dogs inside their houses during this campaign.

In this regard, at the city council’s next meeting the town in charge will approve, through a resolution, the payment of the award from the Nazim’s provincial fund.

h3. City District Government

_Dog-Killing Campaign_

The number of stray dogs in the city is increasing daily, as a result of which a large number of afflicted people with dog bites are being admitted to local hospitals daily.

In this regard, at the town and city government level, a dog-killing campaign has been conducted for a while now. But it has not shown any significant result and consternation and restlessness on a public level, and in newspapers has become evident.

The Honorable Nazim Naimatullah Khan took serious notice of the matter and directions have been issued to the Health Department, City District Government that a thorough and effective dog-killing campaign be brought into force so that the citizens of Karachi can be rid of this menace. The Nazim has formed a committee for this purpose which consists of the following people:

# Hon. Sajjad Haider Dara – UC Nazim – Convener
# Hon. Dr. Shaukat Zaman – DO Health Regulations and Quality Control Secretary
# Hon. Dr. Nasir Jalbani – DO Health Preventive – Member
# Hon. Shuqib – DO Solid Waste Management – Member
# Hon. Qazi Siraj – Media Co-ordinator – Member

The Nazim has directed that all towns and union councils should be included in this campaign because this responsibility is basically that of the town(s) and union council(s). This campaign will be started simultaneously within the limits of the Cantonment Board, KPT, PBWD and Pak Railways. In this regard, the aforementioned department heads will be requested to give them full support.

During the campaign, the city government and towns will have the following responsibilities:

h4. Responsibilities of Towns

Every town’s municipal officer is responsible for making the following arrangements during the campaign:

# Before the campaign, to have a meeting with the motor vehicle inspector, sanitary inspector, sub inspector and other officials and study the arrangements made to make the campaign a success.
# Every area’s sub inspector should tell the chief sanitary inspector the number of capsules to be made available according to the area’s requirements.
# After the distribution of the capsules to kill dogs, the town management will provide for the gulab jamuns (local sweet) and meat.
# Every town/union council will make three to four places in each area to collect killed dogs and all chief sanitary inspectors should ensure that all killed dogs should not be picked up from the collection points until the town Nazim, town municipal officer, union council Nazim and the city Nazim’s committee has made a verification/examination.
# Every town’s motor vehicle inspector will ensure that every driver of the area will make one trip for garbage and the second one to pick up killed dogs.
# Every town’s chief sanitary inspector will ensure that after the dogs have been picked up from the collection point the point should be cleaned and choona (limestone) should be sprinkled.
# Every town will ensure that the killed dogs will be disposed off in the Jam Chakro or Gonda Pass dumping ground. The DO Solid Waste Management will submit his report to the Nazim’s appointed committee in this regard.
# All town municipal officers will send pictures of the killed dogs and press releases to local newspapers and the DO Media Management City District Government.
# Every town’s management will make a complaint centre in their towns, and the complaint center’s address and telephone number will be published in newspapers.
# All staff which will carry out duties in this campaign are required that they keep their service cards with them so that they can be identified during examination checks.
# Every town Nazim will form a committee on the town level in which representatives of the municipal officer and union council officer will be included. This committee will give the names of the responsible staff that has done excellent work during the killing dog campaign to the city committee, so that prizes and certificates can be distributed to boost the spirits of such employees.

_The original urdu handout of the dog-killing campaign:_

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29 thoughts on “City Govt. Dog Killing Campaign

  1. 8. All town municipal officers will send pictures of the killed dogs and press releases to local newspapers and the DO Media Management City District Government.
    This particular clause is very disturbing, not that the campaign itself is any better. It is now known world wide that gruesome pictures can upset any normal being. For this reason now on many international channels when they show pictures or videos not for children to view they put up a warning before the program starts. But what is this? They councilors have actually been instructed to publish gruesome pictures of dead dogs in newspapers. It desensitizes the public towards animals.

    Amina Adil

  2. I am very upset to hear of Karachi city government’s dog-killing plans. I live in Seattle, USA. Can I please get any revant addresses, so I can write or e-mail officials to let the know what I think Thanks

  3. Send letters to the editors of leading newspapers in Pakistan


    The Friday Times

    The News

    Daily Times

    Pakistan Observer

    Here are the addresses of the people you can write to:

    Karachi City Mayor Niamatullah Khan
    City Complex, Civic Center, Hasan Square,
    Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Gulshan Town, Karachi
    Off: 9232401,9232400
    Fax: 9215117-9232406
    Mob: 0300-8256154

    Dr. Khalid Shaikh
    Executive District Officer (Health)
    City District Government Karachi
    Ph: 021-9230246
    Ph: 021-4644887
    Mob: 0300-8993704
    Fax: 021-4645161

    General Pervez Musharraf
    President of Pakistan … ssage.aspx

    Dr. Ishrat Ul Ebad Khan
    Governor Sindh

    Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim
    IIIrd Floor, New Sindh Secretariat,
    Building No. 1, Karachi, Sindh.
    Tel: 021-9211949-9211957

    1. You are a very idiotic person. Killing dogs is not the solution. You will be answerable to Allah . How would you feel if you were living peacefully and not causing anyone any harm and one day people just come and kill you and your whole family for no reason. I live I Shadman too and I have no problem with dogs living here

  4. I live in liaquatabad “A” Area karachi so many dogs are here speacially near to naddi and its surrounded. Kindly arrange to clear my area from dogs they are badly barking whole night and it’s so much painfull for me and my naighbours.your urgent action will be highly appreciated.

    1. Hello Noman,

      Killing dogs is cruel and senseless approach to dealing with their presence in our society. It neither helps in eradicating dog-bites, rabies nor helps in reducing their populations. What does work is mass vaccination and sterilisation. This is something the KMC is now working on with Indus Hospital Karachi. Please check out the “Rabies Free Karachi” Facebook page, and let’s initiate a dialogue to bring this program to your neighbourhood.

  5. Good campaign. I live in Lahore. Not sure such public welfare schemes exist here. Our area PIA/Shadewal is packed with stray dogs but none ever took notice. Groups of 5-10 wondering here and there. If you have any link of any municipal member of Lahore plz do forward the situation. Jazakallah

  6. Sir hamara area Gulshan-e-akbar malir city karachi ma dogs bohat hen or logon ka nuksan kr rahe hen so please sir kill these dogs from the area plzzzz…..

    1. Hello Huzaifa,

      We don’t kill dogs, and neither do we advocate their killing. Can you please explain in what way do you mean they are harming people? There is a humane way to deal with street dogs and to manage their population, but it does not involve killing. Please check out the Rabies Free Karachi page on Facebook. It’s a project by the Indus Hospital in Karachi to eradicate rabies and reduce dog-bites incidences. Hopefully, such an initiative will be spread to other parts of the city. KMC is an official partner of this project and even they have promised to not kill dogs. Let’s begin a dialogue and let’s come up with a way that dogs and people in your neighbourhood can live peacefully together.

  7. I am living in North Karachi Sector 11-C/2, Sir Syed Town Near public school/ Edhi Centre.
    Nowadays, there are so many dog in this area. They chase the people even any family in a car when they go from there.These dogs are disturbing and creating pollution as well.
    Kindly take step for this matter.
    Concerned team should visit in this area.

  8. My name is Mudassir Nazir. I live at Fine House Shahra. E. Faisal Umer colony karachi . I just want to say that…. All of these stray dogs should get their proper living standard as We arrange for Ourselves. Iff it is not possible then These dogs do not have any value or any importance in living on streets for the people. Please Iff possible then arrange something to shift all these animals from city to Country/jungle side. Thanks.

  9. Assalmo alikum sir main P.I.B colony may rehti hon akhir k area may sir yahan bhi kafi dogs ho gae hain jo logon ko harm karahay hain plz koi action len in k lye infact meri he gali may yahan dog ne 10 puppies bhi diye hain kch din may yahan pori gali may phir kr bachon ko bhi distrb karengay or infact mere neighbours may 1 bachay ko bht dangerously sir per harm kia tha Allah ka shukar uski ankh bach gai plz do something for us here the peoples and kids are very afrai

  10. Alam o alaikom
    Dear sir meri request hai k aap jb b kisi dog ko killed karte hai to please please proper us ki death karein main ne aise dogs dekhe jin ko dog killing campaign walon ne fire to mar diya but wo zakhmi halat mien takleef k sath sark pe pare hote hain please khuda k liye aisa na karein agr marna hai to prper poore treeqe se un ko khatam karein na k zakhmi kar k un ko fire maar takleef mien chor dein ye b allah ki makhllok hai kuch khial karein agr aap ko saboot chaye to mere pas video clip b hai aur gawah b jis raha aap dog sko fire marte hai koi tarind tareeqa nai hai koi proper aik hise main fire marein k us ki jaan nikal jay na k in during death wo takleef mien sarkon pe ghoomta rahe thanks

    1. live in Korangi K area dabble room opposite Karachi darul uloom sector. Dog are attacking to school child. Kindly do hurry act. And there are so many dogs here to disturbing to people please please kill them on urgent basis.

  11. A slam o alikom. Respected sir ..I live in liaquat abad B- area plot no 15/19.near jumma milk wali gali se Ander aa kar last mein joo streel hin Liaquatabad town .dakhana karachi. Sir bohat zida dogs hin is area mein ..or mazeed bhi population hoo rahe hi dogs ke…hum ghar mein mehror hoo kar rahe gain hin…bache school ..tution ke lye bhi nahi nikal pate please help as soon as possible

  12. Please kill dogs in our area. There are lots of wild mad dogs killing people dangerously here in Islamabad PWD and Police foundation area.
    May people got killed because of mag dogs bite.
    Please please please help us.

  13. Sir in my area nazir garden Dara hakima Lahore.
    There are lot of stray dogs .Our children are in danger because of these dogs.plz capture these dogs.

  14. Assalam.o.Alaikum!

    Please kill dogs in our area. Dog bite my little sister toda y.Kindly I request you to kill these dogs in our area. ( Sector 5A Gulshan-e-Habib SaeedAbad Baldia Town Karachi )

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