All Breed Championship Dog Show


December 18, price 2005, Expo Center, Karachi

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  1. Dear Sirs,
    Is the dog show only for German Shepherds? I had entered my 5 American Stradfordshires but all other breeds are given step Motherly treatment, To give you an example my Dog Khahfu was entered at the dogshow held at the KCP grounds last month and the Judge mr Saif Baig disqualified my dog saying it was wrongly bred. but my Female dog Misvhief from the same litter was given excellent 1 with 5 chamionship points by the foreign Judge. what is the problem someone pl explain to me

  2. we are very unsatisfied with KCP people because they always do cheating in the end. Specially Imran Hussain. He is always in promoting his german shepards even they are not as good as other breed dogs. He is very discriminative kind of person. I would be highly obliged if you kindly make this show fair till the end. many dog lovers are very disappointed by Imran Hussain. Pls judge all the dogs on thier marit. not by personal contact. He always try to give the best in show and rollling on trophies to german shepards. no other breed can come. if anyhow a dog gets in open class he comes into the ring and start bullshiting and convience the judges to give the best in show and Rolling on trophies to his German Shepards. Pls look seriously into this matter. Otherwise slowly people will start ignoring the show and no one will going to bring their best dogs in the show. Regards

  3. Imran Hussain is a prejudice kind of a Person. Why these KCP ppl always promote thier Sub-standard German Shepards. Everyone knows that 3 yrs back an American Judge came at the Show held at KCP and she disqualify all German Shepards because She Said “ALL THE GREMAN SHEPARDS HERE IN KARACHI ARE SUB-STANDARD. AND CAN NOT BE COMPAIRD TO INTERNATIONAL LEVEL. AND SHE ALSO MENTIONED THAT THE STANDARD OF AMERICAN STAFFORD SHIRE TERRIERS ARE EXCEPTIONALLY EXCELLENT AND THEY ARE OF INTERNATIONAL STANDARD. SHE ALSO MENTIONED THAT THE STANDARD OF ROTTWEILERS ARE EXCELLENT” AND SHE ALSO APRECIATED OTHER BREEDS. RIGHT AFTER THIS SHOW THESE PEOPLE ORGANIZE ANOTHER SHOW AND HIRED A LOCAL JUDGE AND MADE THEIR GERMAN SHEPARDS BEST IN SHOW 1ST POSITION GOES TO IMRAN HUSSAIN’S DOG 2ND POSITION GOES TO ISMA GHEEWALA’S DOG AND 3RD POSITION GOES TO NASREEN KHAN’S DOG AND ALL ARE GERMAN SHEPARDS. IF THEY THINK THEIR GERMAN SHEPARDS ARE SOO GOOD THEN WHY ARE THEY AFFRAID OF GIVING FAIR JUDGEMENTS. This dog show held on 18th december 2005. The judge named Rhonda A. Lane was very nice and was judging every dog fairly and in open puppy class American Staffordshire puppies were also nominated in this class and when they calls all the nominees and Imran Hussain shouted that who has allowed American Staffordshire terrier to come in this best in show puppy class round and goes into the ring and start talking to the judge. These are the thing by which ppls get dis-hearted. I don’t own an American Staffordshire Terrier but even I feel this.and Thats why I’m writing this comment. So pls look at this Matter seriously. Why is the show only for German Shepards. He (Imran Hussain) always poke his nose in all dog shows. and tries to give Best in show to thier german shepards.

  4. I have read the comments here and I agree with them. Pls anyone tell me, why the show is only for German Shepards. If their German Shepards are that good why do they cheat at the end.Why don’t they make the show fair and encourage other breeds too. I have heard about Imran Hussain, he’s the biggest crook.

  5. Two facts that people may wish to consider are that out of six major winners at the 18th show there was only one German Shepherd. Secondly, Pakistani owned German Shepherds compete at the shows held in Germany including the Sieger Show and get excellent positions. They are undoubtedly the most structured breed in the country and as the Italian judge on the 17th said the competition in the GSD classes was as good as anywhere in Europe. Mrs Lane’s judging was absolutely impeccable and she did not appear to be the kind of judge who could be approached by anybody. So fair dinkum as they say in Australia.

  6. I don’t agree with you Brombeck that you are saying that GSDs are most structured breed in the country. There are many breeds far better than GSDs. So pls come out of your fantasies world and try to face the reality.

  7. There are other breeds like Golden Retriever, Great Dane, Mastiffs, British Pointers etc.. But no one like to bring it in the show because of these stupid ppls. I own these breeds and all are of world champions’ bloodline and can’t be compare to these GSDs. They are far better in class and Quality.

  8. dear sirs/madams,
    this is a reply to mr. jawaid khan’s query of the problem american staffordshire terriers or the pitbull terriers are facing in pakistan.Well firstly mr. jawaid you spelled the breed name wrongly and secondly we in pakistan have not yet came to the conclusion that the breed be called as american staff. terr. or the original amer. pitbull terriers.To this day almost each and every body engaged in having a pitbull has visited or seen a pit fight or dog fight and any body having a least of knowledge know that in pursue of tenacity,ferocity,power, courage and aggressiveness the dog owners breed those specimen which fit to their criterion.My brother dog show requires calmness and docile nature from the part of the dog and from the owners too.If you have a stock whom parents, grandparents or even great grandparents were pit fighting dogs and their breeders in surge of more bone and stamina bred them with dogs having excellent prototype(the qualities visible to the eye), but worst genotype(qualities or attributes held in the genes), you can not be sure that a same litter would be uniform.What Mr. Saif Baig saw was the phenotype that can be deceiving plus he was there to judge the dog on the basis of what he saw physically.he didnt investigated the genes.
    Until and unless the fanciers of pitbull or the staffordshire get together and breed on specific subjects on which they are pretty sure about their ancestry plus do not indulge the pit fighting dogs with the show scene i am pretty sure that you will be getting good results.

  9. Dear Umair Khan

    I agree with the facts that you mention. I just want to know that, were you present at the time when Mr. Baig passed his judgement on Mr.Jawaid Khan dog?
    Since you are advocating Mr.Baig. As far as i know Mr.Baig, only an experience persons can judge him.


  10. This one is for you Umer ! I think you don’t have any idea that who mr. Saif Baig is? He is a dog trainer and these KCP ppl made him a judge.LOLz

  11. Dear Shehzad

    Is there any kind of restriction on making a dog trainner a Judge? I think that we do not need a degree to qualify for a dog show judge.It is Experience that counts. Specially in Pakistan.I am sure that Mr.Baig is a very experienced person.

    As to my Openion there is no problem with the Judge & his judgements. Since half of the participants are in favor & rest are against the judge. Once the person is selected for judgements,he should be respected for his position.A person can pass his judgement to a extend, the experience he has.

    The point here is that we should adopt some kind of procedure by which Judges are nominated & selected.All senior participants should get involved in this procedure. I dont know that either there are some procedures followed here in Pakistan or not. The shows can become Fair only when all the Participants are involved in the system. All the aspects should be taken into consideration. Which include Kennel Club Fee,Show entry fee,Show expenses which might include Boarding & Lodging of a Judge,if invited from abroad. Definately a person calling a judge on his expenses will rule the show.

    If we are interested in making a Dog show fair, full of joy & satisfied participants.We got to stop pointing fingers & starts thinking positively.

    I hope in future we will be seeing more good writtings on this Forum & Expects Optimistic approach. And i expect from the current dog show Organizers & the participants to come forward with positive attitude & make the shows successful with 99.99% stisfied participants. I am not saying 100% because there is always a room for improvement.


  12. hello everyone,

    if a single sentence typed as”What Mr. Saif Baig saw was the phenotype that can be deceiving plus he was there to judge the dog on the basis of what he saw physically.he didnt investigated the genes”,can be taken as a prejudice and taking mr. Baig’s side,my friend almost each and every judge from this planet follow the same protocol whenever judging dog shows.

    I have not kept German shepherd dogs and i do not have any intentions of keeping or breeding them.I give my ownself’s example in this never ending debate.For the last 3.5 years,i participated in dog shows with my neapolitan mastiffs and each and every time my dogs were beaten by DUNE di PONZANO,owned by Mrs.Zahidi,who hails from Russia.I didnt gave hope and kept on striving for perfection and this time the fortune did change for me and my Italian import ROYCE del GHENO, won EX 1,in the open class and a VG1 in the youth class.He was also awarded BEST UTILITY DOG in the showHe is still only 23 months old as compared to DUNE’S 4.5 years age.That Dune was graded EX1 in each of the last shows and he wasnt given an EX2 this time.That doesnt mean that the dog is not good or he isnt worthy of showing.He is damn good even now and 1 bad grading doesnt degrade a dogs stature.The comparison pictures can be seen above.

    One thing more i need to educate you people about is the fact that when the very 1st all about lifestyle dog show was held on the april of 13th 2002,that was judged by an eminent GSD breeder and judge Mr.Ahmed Virk,he awarded the Best in Show trophy to an OLD ENGLISH MASTIFF bred by Mr.Azam Hoti despite the fact that the future SIEGER of Pakistan Ben vom Grafenbrunn(owned by Mr.Imran Husain) competed in that show.I myself was present in that very first show and i have documented proof to prove the BIS winner.

    The 3rd Lifestyle Show was held on December 29th,2003, judged by Frank Leungi from HongKong,he awarded BIS to Zenka Vom WildsteigerLand and the RESERVE Best in Show to an Staff.Terrier or Pitbull Terrier(whatsoever you may call it) owned by Sahebzada Zaman Khan and bred by Mr.Umais Ahmed.The dog’s name is THE ROCK.What else does tjhe fanciers of pitbulls ask for??

    I even have a video footage of the victory stand.
    To be straight and precise,any one of you interested in researching, do search the pedigree of Zenka vom Wildsteigerland, you will come across a dog named as Uran vom WildsteigerLand,VA and SIEGER Germany 1984,85, regarded by many Germans as the greatest stud dog ever stepped in the GSD circuit.

    The sire of Ben vom Grafenbrunn is a MULTI VA rated and Sieger for two consecutive years,Yasko vom Farbenspiel and Ben is the only son of him that was born in a single-pup litter.

    I havent met Mr. Imran Husain ever in my lifetime other than the odd showsand by no means I am advocating his dogs,his Kennel or The GSDs as a whole.Truth is always bitter and we all should accept the fact that the GSD bloodlines right now in Pakistan are some of the very finest found any where in the 3rd world countries.


  13. hello everyone,
    one thing i left unmentioned.Mr. Saif Baig has not judged even a single dog show from the period between 1993 to november 2005, in KARACHI.He has judged a number of shows in Lahore and Islamabad,the last in Islamabad,he gave Best in Show to a ROTTWEILER owned by Mr. Subak Majeed(if i am right ),named as i think Dingo vom Kalacberg.
    Thankyou all for reading this.

  14. Hello! Umair, This is Sahebzada Zaman onwer of The Rock. you mentioned that you have a video footage of the victory stand of that show held at expo center on 28th dec 2003, I’ll be greatful to you if you could kindly lend me a copy of this video. my cell number is 0321-2418441. regards

  15. Mr Umair Khan,
    For your information there are many owners of the American Staff terriers in Pakistan who have never repeat never been for a dog fight,leave aside letting the dog fight in a Pit, My original 2 Dogs were imported from USA and we take care of our dogs like our own children. So your contention that all owners of Pitbulls have been to a dog fight is incorrect sir. far as my dog was concerned which was judged as “Not Properly Bred ” by mr Saif Baig was awarded EX 1 with 5 championship points at the dog show in Lahore. how can you say Mr baig is not biased thank you

  16. Hello everyone,
    My sentence above typed was “almost everyone”,not EVERYONE.Thankyou for your kind reply.

  17. Hello everyone,
    My sentence above typed was “almost everyone”,not EVERYONE.Thankyou for your kind reply.

  18. Mr Umair,
    I would like to clearify that both the parents of my dog Khahfu , are imports from USA from the finest Kennel of the US Voodoo kennels whose website is and then read about khahfu’s Father Mauser and Beauty the Mother of Khahfu.
    Mauser was no 3 of US among puppy class and beauty was no 2 of US in the puppy class.
    May I request mr Umair to do your home work before passing your judgement about my dogs.
    if you would like to show my documents to Mr Saif baig Please call me and I will send you the copies

  19. Hello everyone,
    Mr. Jawaid, I am neither an advocate of some kind nor I am having Pitbull terrier or Staffordshire “Phobia”.I pointed some very basic and solid reasons that can be understood by many who can read english language.
    The other thing is the web address you typed is not correct.

    “”May I request mr Umair to do your home work before passing your judgement about my dogs””.

    The above sentence typed can not be deemed as valid because i did not passed any sort or any kind of any judgement about your dogs,I just tried to clarify the problems these Pitbulls or Staffordshire terriers are facing in Pakistan.
    If you think I am a judge of any kind or is free to pass judgements,Pardon me.


  20. Hi
    The debate involing Pakistan dog scene is going on these days at International Levels.Please check the web page,and youwill find about the trash that has been written against our country,just due to one person.

  21. Hi

    Could you please specify the exact location where we can easily find this trash you are talking about.


  22. FRIENDS I HAVE GERMAN SHEPHERED DOG OF AGE 11MONTHS ,IHAVE TESTED MY DOG THAT HE IS MUCH BEAUTI FUL AND FULL FIGURED,IN HIS TAIL,BEND AND OTHER QUALITIES THAT A PURE german shephered should have ,then most of the imported dogs of my city ,although he is not imported ihave made this breed at my home afterthe effort of 12 years by crossing best dogs .now i want to intro duce him on a dog show,my contact no is 0345-8606712 from sargodha.

  23. Hi Friends

    I agree with you people, I am from Lahore and I am always by the ringside looking for nice dogs. Why GSD gets so much importance,just because Mr Hussain is inclined towards this breed? If you witnessm there are some very nice and outstanding rottweilers in Pakistan(SUBAK MAJEED SB).He owns one of the best rottweilers who can compete anywhere in the sub continent.Same goes with the Labs and now I see an increasing trend of nice looking Am Staff. Mastiffs and great dane’s.
    The reason why the number of dogs decreasing at KCP shows and NKCP gaining strength is just due to the policy of Mr Hussain and his cabinet. I have witnessed one of the best Eng Pointers at Lahore Show. They were shown by the old timers Baber & Muhammad. They are the only one who have kept this breed still in shows. WHY IS THIS ?

    Now if we take NKC, I have seen some outstanding GSD,rottweilers,greatdanes,Baset Hound,French Mastiffs, and other toy breeds. I see their judging is fair. You dont see these tom,dick & harry sort of judges often judging( Anwar Hussain,Saif Baig & a new Clown Ahmed Virk).
    NKC recent shows witnessed a number of 145 dogs judged,where as the all Breed Show of KCP had 22 dogs, and belive me guys, there were 5 Am Pittbulls, equal number to GSD,and most of teh dogs where shown at NKC shows.
    I think KCP is breathing its last at Lahore Station.

  24. i have read almost all of the coments passed and suggestions made. i urge u to give up making excuses and listen to the judges advice. as for mr. Hussain i would advise him to compete fairly and honestly. i visited the last kcp dog show in lahore and i was disapointed at the turnout. pakistan has some good bloodlines for all breeds. but we need to work on the standards. the dog shows aren’t competitive enough.

  25. Dear Mr. Jawaid,

    I am very much agreed with the remarks of Mr. Umair. It is very true that most so called pitbulls / am. staff’s owners in Pakistan does not know the ABCD of a pitbull or am. staff. First of all, they are not pitbulls nor they are stafford terriers. The pitbull / am. staff dogs, which appears in the dogs shows are not properly bred.

    I know you very well Mr. Jawaid and also your close circles, i.e. Dr. Umais, who is a bullshit person and uses his dogs only for dog fights. Your pibulls/am. staffs are not imported, nor they are from the correct bloodline. Your dog is a son of Dr. Umais’s dog named ” Bear “.

    So, please don’t pass any comments, when you personally knows in your heart that, you are lying and hiding the truth. The name of the kennel from which, you have imported your dog is incorrect.

    The Judgement of the Hon’bles Judges in the dog shows are very correct, so please next time don’t pass your firvolus and bogus comments.

  26. Hi everyone, i really badly need to find out wether the staffordshire bull terrier is available in pakistan, and if it is, is it available in blue? reason why im asking is because i am moving to pakistan soon with my family, and my dads plans was to finally buy me a staffordshire bull terrier in the Blue colour from over here in england. It costs alot over here (about £750) because the Blue colour is rare over here. I was hoping to buy one for this saterday, but my father asked to find out if it is available in pakistan, and wether it is cheaper or not over there. If it is not available over there then we will be buying one from here and bringing it with us. If you could please let me know wether it is available in pakistan as soon as possible (THE STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER IN BLUE COLOUR).


  27. why dont u giv the ppl a choice to choose their clubs no matter from which one they hav bought the dog from?
    Do u think its wise to hav a competition between local bred german shepherd and imported ones as it is then merely a competition of money and not the breed itself?

  28. I just stumbled upon this webpage when i was looking up some info online. I participated in KCP dogshows when i was in Karachi (living in Canada now) and it was alot of fun. I had dobermans at the time. I was just a novice at the time. I am referring to the time around 97-98.

    Mr. Hussain was there still and he is there now. He is very passionate and his dogs are good specimen too but i think he gets too involved in every part of the show which leads me to believe that he might be influencing the judges one way or the other…i dont know..just a guess.

    Like in one of the photos on this site..he is standing right behind the judge while someone else is showing their dog…cant you go please take a

    Anyway…i miss keeping dogs and props to all of you good people who love dog ownership and handling.

  29. Imran Hussian will be judging the dog show in Sri Lanka on the 24th of June 2007. Is he a credible judge or will he be influenced by the show committee of the club. Our shows are so bias that the club secretary had walked in on many occasion to the ring to inform judges not to give CC’s to the handlers or owners of the dogs she does not like.

  30. Imran Hussain judged our show on sunday 24th june 2007. As we all knew it the best of breed was given to a gsd bitch althought there were better breeds. his other decisions were ok.

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