Richmond Crawford Veterinary Hospital

Cowasjee in DAWN:

The founders and makers of both India and Pakistan recognized animals as being God’s creations and they cared for them. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi famously said that the level of a country’s civilization can be gauged by the way its animals are treated. Mohammad Ali Jinnah loved, kept and cared for his dogs.

In the sanctum sanctorum of General Musharraf hangs a photograph of the real Jinnah, on the lawns of his Hampstead home, kneeling with his Doberman and his West Highland Terrier. Musharraf himself was famously photographed, soon after the country was handed to him, in the company of his dogs. And the finest photograph we now have of him was taken on his visit to China last month when he met and held a Panda.

One of the few sanctuaries that care for Karachi’s animals is now at great risk. The only government hospital for animals, aptly named after able and caring commissioner Richmond Crawford, is scheduled to be closed down by the city government so that it can allow yet another hideous temple to consumerism to be raised in its place. What sort of government have we voted in? I suppose, we can only say – exactly what we deserve. But there must be someone, or some people, who can raise their voices against this outrage to civilization.

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3 thoughts on “Richmond Crawford Veterinary Hospital

  1. Someone has to stop this from happening
    Pet Lovers of Pakistan forum on orkut should be informed
    Anyone with military contacts out there who can help please?

  2. Hi
    i have a 1 year old PERSIAN CAT and i want to donate it to some one who can take care of him.
    if you are intreasted than please contact me

    Farrukh Shad
    Cell # 0333-2136435

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