Richmond Crawford Veterinary Hospital

Letter in DAWN:

Sunday’s column informs that Karachi’s oldest government Richmond Crawford Veterinary Hospital on M.A. Jinnah Road is soon to disappear. The service book of my grandfather, Khan Bahadur Dr S.G. Haji, has entries that he was “veterinary officer” at this hospital from May 4, 1892 to May 15, 1912. He retired as deputy superintendent, Veterinary Department of Sinds, Balochistan and Rajputana on Aug 3, 1922 and died in London on Dec 7, 1924. The service book of my father, Dr C.S.G. Haji, has entries that he was “Acting In charge” in this hospital on May 14, 1912 and “veterinary surgeon” on Feb 1, 1924 when he was promoted as “veterinary inspector”.

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One thought on “Richmond Crawford Veterinary Hospital

  1. i dont see any reason why this hospital is still there. the staff there would always suggest you a private hospital rather than bringing the animal there. i am sure that doctors there have private clinics and they have put their touts there who always direct you to their hospital. the govt itself is corrupt who is not even willing to give rights to human beings how come poor animals would be given such facilities.


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