Key to rabies control lies in neutering dogs

Faiza Ilyas in DAWN:

KARACHI, cialis Sept 28: The city government kills 72,000 to 75,000 stray dogs a year but does not invest in promoting or facilitating methods to neuter animals, which is a sustainable and humane method of controlling the stray dog population and reducing the threat of rabies. Of the 16 government-run veterinary centres in the city, none currently offer services for the sterilisation of dogs. However, medical experts are of the view that the only effective long-term method of reducing the potentially fatal disease of rabies lies in controlling the dog population through vaccination and sterilisation.

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3 thoughts on “Key to rabies control lies in neutering dogs

  1. I never supported neutering. But do so now.
    Plus steps should be taken to curb back-yard-breeders and puppymills. Who produce unwanted puppies or sell dogs to families who cant affored to upkeep a dog which are later turn out as strays.
    The vet are also culprits. As a trend has been seen that vets actually reuse empty vaccine bottles filled with any solution to scam poor unsuspecting owners. They take price of vaccines in return they give just distil water shots.
    On the other hand prime level pets are sincere but the price at which they provide services or retail vaccine is several times their actual price. For example Rabies Vaccine by Merial(Hexadog) cost about 125rs/shot. where as severla top vets charge 1000rs/shot.
    Combantrin(Hexadog) by merial cost 450rs/shot its expensive as it has multiple vaccines in it. Some vet even charge couple of 1000s for it.

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