Edhi Animal Shelter

Located near the toll plaza just off the superhighway in Karachi, thumb the Edhi Animal Shelter is one of its kind in the country.

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  1. Mr. Edhi is doing an amazing job! This is exactly what we need in every city… a proper Animal Shelter for injured and abandoned animals. Is there anyway that PAWS can help contribute to make this shelter even better? Volunteers like us would love to help

    1. Hey Emily. How are you? Hope you are doing good. I needed your help. My cat had 3 kittens. After 4 months she got aagainst them and she’s gonna have more babies again.. My parents want to get rid of the kittens. I was wondering if you could help me some how. I live in lahore. I want your quick reply please. My cat is Siemies and kittens are mix breed. Please anyone else interested contact me Via my email. Ashtai201@gmail.com. Thank you.

  2. This is exactly what I have been thinking lately. Mr Eidhi has taken the initiative and has a place. Is there any way PAWS can make this shelter a better place for the animals?

  3. hi.i live in hyderabad yesterday i saw a 2 months old stray puppy who had 2 bullets shot in his back he was shouting with pain i jus called a vet and got him treated im sick of people treating animals this way they realy dont deserve it i wana be a volunteer for paws i wana do something for these poor animals im 18 years old,please you people are my last hope where do i take the injured animals ive rescued over 20 stray dogs and 10 cats who were realy injured and payed for their injuries from my own pocket theres no one here to help me,no one here takes it seriously.please please contact me and tell me where can i take these animals i had 10 dogs in my farmhouse at nawabshah frm which 8 are adopted i visit the owners once in a while unill im satisfied.i realy need help here in hyderabad.

  4. is there any thing in lahore like this?
    is there any adoption center of animals in lahore anywhere where i can find dogs or other animals at low price?

    1. um..i don’t know if you still want it but i read about this um shelter on multan road, they have dogs specifically and function under the name of ‘Society for protection of neglected animals’ see if its helpful

  5. assalam alaikum guys we want to adopt a pure breed GSD/PITBULL/LABRADOR if any want to give plz contact us email (asadkhan332@hotmail.com) we very loving family for animals plz rply us

  6. i am so happy that Mr. Edhi is doing an amazing thing by creating awareness in people about animal rights. we humans today are completely ignorant of other beings’s rights. Someone should speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.
    i just wish that Mr. Edhi makes an animal shelter in Lahore soon. i see so many suffering animals everyday especially cats, dogs and donkeys and i try to help them, generally by feeding them. but my resources are limited as i am just one person. i would really appreciate if somebody paid attention to this comment, please please think about opening an animal shelter in lahore, there are alot of unfortunate souls that need ur help.

  7. and funnily enough, i got to know, through this website, that SPCA exists in Lahore. i dont know why but i have never seen SPCA do anything to relieve animals from their misery in Lahore, when clearly thr is a dire need of shelters and people who can give animals their rights.
    SPCA, please wake up!!

  8. Hi,
    It was such a relief to find out that organisations exist in Pakistan that care for animals, particularly stray, sick and abandoned ones. All those people involved in the effort deserve our appreciation and support. I would like to know what we can do in our capacity to support this effort.
    Also, i have with me a family of four stray cats (one three mth old kitten, two tomcats about a year old and a full grown cat)who have come to live at my place considering the secure environment( no naughty kids around and easy availability of food). They have now started messing up in the house and fighting as well which really irks my grandma. I would like to know through this website if anyone is interested in adopting them (really cute) or they will have to be sent to the shelter…..
    Kindly solve this dilemma.

  9. Dear, Fasiha.

    Its nice to know that you are taking good care of those kittens, between there habit of fighting can easily be finished, but for that you have to keep an eye on them when they are fighting. For eg: if they are fighting keep a stick in your hand and show it to them and if required hit them slow very slow just to make them learn a lesson that when ever they will fight they will have to face the stick and trust me, there habit of fighting will finish very soon. Instead of giving them to someone you should do this.
    Secondly you must realize that they feel happy and comfortable at your place, so its my humble request do not give them to someone else. Keep them and INSHALLAH there habit of fighting will finish soon. As I also own 18 cats, 2 ducks and 2 little monkeys, so I am an experienced person. Anyways its up to you but I will still request just do what I said and INSHALLAH your grandma will not be disturbed any more.


  10. Thanks for the video. Not being in pakistan, I cant watch these.
    Before watching it, I had decided on sending $100 as donation (I am still a graduate student) for the Animal Shelter through my mother who will be returning to Pakistan.
    I encourage others with any financial means to help out in any way, even if its little like my donation.

  11. Emily and Muniza, we’ve taken a couple of donkeys and dogs to the Ehi Shelter, and have asked them to provide some sort of shelter for the donkeys which they have promised to work on. Things are moving along, but it is a slow process. Are you based in Karachi? Do let us know how you can help..

    Shayan, keep up the good work you are doing for the animals in Hyderabad. Please do send us an email at info@pawspakistan.org so we can figure out how to help.

    Fasiha, thank you for your kind words of support and encouragement. We suggest you post photographs of any cats you have for adoption on our facebook page:


    Asad, if you would like to adopt a cat or a dog, have a look at the ones we have up for adoption:

    Adopt a cat

    Adopt a dog

    Jahiz, you can watch these videos from anywhere in the world. You should be able to view them in the US. Many thanks for sending us a donation. It would go a long way in helping animals in distress.

  12. i came across many stray animals and no one is there to help. i am trying to take care of a mother and her 2 pups near my house by regularly feeding them with food and water. but the mother is paralyzed and cannot get food for herself or her pups. is there anyone or any organization willing to help. i want to start up my own animal shelter based in lahore anyone to join and take part in putting up resources. plz contact … we need to speak on behalf of these innocent animals who are being treated like filth by our so called educated citizens …..

    1. Bless you for looking after the mother and pups. Please do call a vet to come over and see the dog. We have a list up on our website:


      It’s great to hear you’re thinking of opening up an animal shelter. There are many animal lovers from Lahore on our facebook page who all want to get together to work for the welfare of animals. Perhaps you can reach out to them?


      There’s also the Vets Care Organisation in Lahore:


    2. I have been taking care of injured animals cats, dogs, hawks, crows, and have managed quite well in the past, now I have 13 dogs in my residence, have been given notice from the court to evict, and I don’t know what to do. They are six pups, two mothers, three grown up females, one male, and an old female which I want to keep as she had been abandoned by her family and walked into my house with one of my dogs about five years ago. When her previous owners saw her picture they came to visit us and she cried like anything so I asked them not to visit again. She is a real peoples dog. The other are all scared of people.
      I am a senior citizen, and am at my wits end to place the dogs.

      H E L P!

  13. does anyone thinks that if an animals would have talked what would be the first thing they would say …. they need people like you so plz come forward and lets do something for them.

  14. thanx MO. i really appreciate ur help…. do pray that i am able to something for these beautiful animals … and if u or anyone comes across someone is equally mad about animals plz let me know … i will be very grateful to u.

  15. Check out our facebook page – there are more than 2,555 fans there who love animals and want to help. Many of them are from Lahore – you can reach out to them by posting on our wall.

  16. plz discourage kenels and breeders. this has become a very popular business everywhere the breeders import dogs and cats and other animals and they treat them with cruelty…. kindly discourage them ,

  17. Do this center, helps animals those are stuck somewhere? like some bird got traped in tree leaves? or any cat/dog we see suffering and we can call them so they can come and pick them? do they any service? if yes then could you guys please share with me there contact number? Or any other organization in pakistan which give this service?

  18. We can’t do enough for the poor beasts. But atleast its we who care and keep trying while others just look at us as if we are strange people. But alas one day they will find out that we were doing the right thing and they were wrong in the eyes of the creator who created us all, big and small.

  19. Hi to all you wonderful caring people – it is such a delight to see so many of you are concerned for the welfare of these innocent animals. What you are doing is truly incredible. I have the privilege of knowing one of these caring persons, Manek Sidhva. I have seen what he is doing for the welfare of these helpless animals. He is selflessly giving his time, money, resources and everything for the wellbeing of stray dogs and cats. At any given time he has at least 12 dogs, countless cats and some injured birds he takes care of. Unfortunately Manek’s neighbors do not share his compassion for beings unfortunate then themselves. His neighbors are always on his back, complaining, having meetings to discuss how they can stop Manek from doing this noble cause, harassing him. Manek is so far persevering. It is ironic that the reason Manek started this worthy cause of filling his humble home with these beautiful animals is his neighbors. The colony he lives in could not stand to have stray dogs in their midst, so they started a cruel practice of murdering the strays by giving them poison. As anyone will know this is the cruelest way to die. Firstly it is a sin to kill and if for some reason the situation was getting out of control, there are other means they could have adopted. Manek being soft hearted and compassionate, started taking all the strays into his home so they wouldn’t be murdered. And now instead of the neighbors being thankful that there are no strays, they are in fact harassing Manek for keeping them. All these people are well educated and a lot of them are professionals. It is hard to believe literate persons performing such a hideous act and being so little minded as not able to let these poor dogs/cats live among them. Of course there are some well wishers in the colony, but they are too scared to openly support Manek in the fear they will be alienated. Manek does manage to find some kind soul who will adopt his dogs, but there are not many people he knows who can take them. My request to you kind people is that if any of you has the capacity of taking on a helpless animal and giving it a good home, let Manek know through this website. It will go a long way in helping his cause. As he finds good homes for his pets he will have the capacity to give new strays a loving home.

  20. http://facebook.com/pawspakistan contains a very sad picture to look at, which should have been removed by the owner of this sight. Its a picture of dead dogs with rude and thougtless comments. Hope the thing is removed immediately. Animals are supposed to get due respect on this page, but not made fun of like this. Its very pathetic to notice that the owners of this page care little about whats happening on their facebook site.

  21. Anyone who visits this site of Edhi Animal Cente should not miss seeing the video (the picture on the top left corner is a video). Maulana Edhi is a one in a billion person and indeed we are very lucky to have him in our midst. Also Paws is doing a great job by suppoting this page on the web. Thank you PAWS. Through this web page I would like to thank Maulana Abdus Sattar Edhi for helping injured, sick, abandoned, lost and homeless animals. You will live for ever Edhi Saheb, because the animals want you to live forever.

  22. I guess more people should be doing voluntury work at maulana edhi’s animal shelter near the toll plaza. Theiir is only one vet and also he comes only on a few days in a week. We people always complain that their is no organisation and dearth of land and all. But the thing is that Maulana Edhi has given the infrastructure and now it is up to others to volunturily help the project. Like each vet should give one day every weak for Edhi sahebs animal home. Arrangements should be made by volunteers to maintain the animal shelter in an organised manner. Basic operations for broken limbs etc should be undertaken. If people come out to help, I am sure maulana edhi will also pour in more funds for the poor animals. Lets hope people come out and work for such noble organizations instead of lip service. On the roads too horses donkeys and animals are heavily overburdened, but not a single soul, not even a namazi cares to raise his voice against this injustice to the poor dumb thing. Neither are their animal water ponds which used to exist in the past. Gone with the wind are volunteers who used to work for SPCA. I guess people now have a self ego that we do not have enough time for our fellow human beings, so forget the animals. Mahatma Ghandhi once said the greatness of a nation can be gauged from the respect it gives to its animals.

  23. It is said that dog is man’s best friend
    but man is not the best friend of a dog.
    he hates the poor watchman (dog)
    he throws bricks at him at whim
    worst he sees him drink water from the sewer
    Oh dog, the poor wretched dog
    what did you see so special in man
    to make him your best friend
    you will never be able to tell me why
    you love us humans so much,
    because all you can say is woof woof woof
    wagging and barking and playing and panting
    So lets forget everything, because you will never change

  24. PLEASE!!!!!! I found a badly injured kitten behind a tree in my school LACAS GIRLS BRANCH JOHAR TOWN, LAHORE. PLEASE
    please hurry!!!!

  25. PLEASE!!!!!! I found a badly injured kitten behind a tree in my school LACAS GIRLS BRANCH JOHAR TOWN, LAHORE. PLEASE
    please hurry!!!!

  26. They(my school custodians) put the kitten in some warm place so that u can check it and see if u can take care of it and then leave it in the street or somewhere.I think that a bigger cat attacked it.

    1. Please call Dr. Raza Khan at 0300 840 2944 for help, as he is based in Lahore, and we are in Karachi. You may also contact other veterinarians in Lahore if he is not available. There is a whole list up here: pawspakistan.org/vets

      Do keep us posted.

  27. salam, i love animals plz tel me that how can i be the part of this EDHI ANIMAL SHELTER ,karachi. i wnt to b a good care takr of animals so plz help me out……….!

  28. Yea, there should be something like this in Islamabad as well. I’m sick of people not giving a damn about animals and its starting to really get to me. People are so cruel to animals, and you know what the problem is? They need to be educated on this, we all see animal cruelty at some point right? see, it gets to some of us(all of us here) and it has no effect on others. They need to recognize it and acknowledge it as a problem, that is a vital starting point. Educate the masses, speak out and be heard, stand and be counted. Please setup something in Islamabad for this, maybe I can help. Drop me an email if there is any plans/development.


  29. I`ve read the above comments and it seems like Mr.Edhi is doing an AMAZING job. Is there any branch in Pindi? If not, i request you to open a branch in Pindi because in Pindi animal cruelty is at it`s peak. I see people kicking and throwing rocks at stray animals. There should be an animal shelter because all most every day I see a cat or a dog run over by a car , I have a cat too and seeing her being run over by a car would be extremly heart breaking. I`m only 14 ,so can not do anything about this. This is the only way I can help animals so please make a PAWS branch in Pindi, thankyou.

  30. hi all, i have six cats at my home n i love them all like my babies , i trird to give them the best food as i can n they all are healthy . Now i have one major problem which is my husband ‘s transfer in dubai n he will take me as well. Now i search for those pet lovers who really care to my cats. I will always obliged if anyone do me favor.

  31. I really impressed by this dog shelter because i am dog lovers too & i really APPRECIATE MR EDHI SIR GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY & SAFE YOU ALWAYS. i NEED DOG BREED rottweiler mature or puppy if any one want to give me then contact me 0345-3350148 i am in karachi.plsssssssssssss

  32. i m in defence phase VI karachi…there is an injured kitten with broken leg …she does not come to me and i dont know how to get her down from the wall of my house because she hides. been giving her food but she cries a lot.can u plz help

  33. I really appreciate what Mr. Edhi is doing, both for the needy people and for these abandoned animals.
    I would also like to know if there is an organisation for injured or abandoned animals here in Lahore; I would like to do voluntary work for the organisation. Please tell me if there is.
    Thank you.

  34. Salaam, i have something serious to inform u that i am from islamabad and yesterday i read about a cat which is turkey angora breed, her owners has kept her in a store room and dun give her any food or water, and hee ownera are saying that we will sell it for four thousand i want ur reply if u people are intrested please go and save that cat, i will send u there contact number if u are intrested pls lemme know and save that cat, i beg u

  35. We are moving abroad but wanna give my persion cat couple for adaption to the family who care for them as little babies

  36. can i visit edhi animal?? what is the timing and is there any responsible person, which i contact before coming
    thnaks & regards

  37. ASSALAM O ALAIKUM sir with all due respect i have an urgent information to share with u i m a student of International Islamic University Islamabad i need your help because in my university i saw so many dogs with so many diseases in them and most of them are injured real badly i cant see them dying like this and i m sure nobody can plz do help them do something for them for ALLAH’s sake i came here with so much hope i will definitely look forward for your response

  38. I saw a injured dog at bananas bridge towards Abdullah girls college to orangi tonight due to heavy traffic at bridge dog is in serious trouble
    Kindly help dog as soon as possible otherwise dog will die in vehicle accident

    1. Hi Kamran,

      We have sent a veterinary doctor to check on the dog. He is on location now and is asking if there is any way to contact you to get the dog’s exact location. Although he is looking, he cannot find the dog now. Please can you call at 03456177779 and coordinate. Thanks!

  39. Salam everyone, i had a male cat who is 8 years old. He is a simple country breed but is very beautiful. I am looking for a loving and caring family for my kitty. If anyone is interested please contact me on this number. I live in lahore.
    03244917005 (mrs tariq)

  40. Hello there,
    There is a stray wounded dog in the Model Town Extension area of Lahore. I was wondering if something can be done about this dog. He’s very weak and emaciated, some of us try to feed it but the dog hardly eats or drinks anything, his back is broken so he can’t move. Can it be helped, its very hard to watch him dying slowly and painfully but no one knows what to do about him. Any chance he can be saved?
    The location is Model Town Extension Milad Park, near the Mosque Ghausia Rizviah

    1. Dear Ibrahim,

      Please contact Todd’s Welfare Society.

      We have passed your message and email address to them and they will go look for the dog today. But please contact them as well, in case they need directions or further details. Thanks for letting us know.



      Co-Founder, PAWS

  41. I appreciate this i am animal lover i an very happy to hear this edhi sahib u r really great

  42. I am in us… need help with stray animals in Pakistan. have a friend who is rescuing in Mansehra without any help or any compassion from the people. can you tell me what I can do to help him and can he bring animals to you ?

  43. Yahan ek dog hai jo bohat pain5 main hai I think back foots are break so please help him contact no 03493475598

  44. Hi this is zaynab, I have also witnessed the poor conditions animals are suffering in and its just horrible to look at, I started raising funds with my school for this issue but I’m not exactly sure how I can donate. I live in Islamabad is there any other place anyone is aware of that is need of donations, if yes then please get back to me asap

  45. I have 8 puppies and 4 big dogs who I have been taking care since months now and it’s now getting impossible for me to save their lives frm the illiterate locality I’m living in they have already killed 2 puppies with bike they were 10 I wana drop them off to a place whr thy ll be feed and thr lives will be at peace . Plz help me out. im from model colony , malir , Karachi

  46. Well Edhi saheb was a great soul, and he did much that others can’t do. He was one of the most wonderful person on earth. He has also helped another wonderful person Dr. Adib Rizvi of SIUT. When Edhi Saheb was healthy his famous Bilquis Edhi Animal Home near Toll Plaza was looked after by Edhi Saheb personally. He visited the shelter 2 to 3 times every week. He had planted trees and made open water tanks for dogs to bathe and swim in hot weather. It was fairly well looked after till Mr Edhi was healthy. Then gradually Edhi Saheb heath deteriorated, and so did the Animal shelter. Even the water supply of the shelter was irregular, and slowly and gradually things were not so good. I was so much disturbed to see kittens being brought there by people, but so they were dying due to cold flu and pneumonia. Dogs with maggots not getting treatment. Their was a male vet who just used to come and then go. Just making his presence felt. No proper staff, no dart gun, but lots of medicine that was never used. Donkeys who were healthy, but with only a deformed leg, were euthanized be a so called vet known as Dr Shella. My advise to people who park their animals to think twice before doing injustice to pets and animals. It’s a sad world for many animals. Cruelty to animals is in fashion.

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