The state of veterinary hospitals in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: Most veterinary hospitals remain non-functional

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  1. In our colony their are many dogs suffering with lack of medicinal,food problems ,their are around 50 dogs please take quick action

  2. Hi Sudheera,

    Stray dogs do indeed lead a very tough life. We suggest you contact either a government veterinary clinic in your city, or a private veterinarian and request them to attend to any dogs requiring urgent medical treatment. You could also contact the TandoJam Charity Animal Hospital for help and more information about any animal welfare organizations in your city.

    TandoJam Charity Animal Hospital
    Mirpurkhas Road,
    Tandojam City Dist.
    Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan

    Phone 92 221 765442

    We are based in Karachi and currently do not have any facilities in Hyderabad.

  3. hello sir i want ur help in providing me guideness about ur hospital because i m a student of architecture and doing thesis on veterinary hospitals for this purpose i need ur guideness about how to extend vet hospitals in the province of Sindh.

  4. Hi,
    Im very shocked that there is no Pet clinic in hyderabad.We really need good Vets in hyderabad and the rest of the country.I request our young generation to come forward.

      1. hi zeeshan. can you please let me know the contact of the vets in hyderabad if possible. my cat was bitten by a street dog. and I suspect its developing an infection. an urgent help is required.

        1. Hi Umair, we asked someone on Twitter if they knew of vets in Hyderabad. This was their reply: “The one in Latifabad is near Musrat Shaheen Hall Unit#2 and there is a whole university department in Tandojam which is very affordable as well.” We have also asked someone else if they know of any vets in your city. Waiting for their reply.

        2. Hey, Umair. If the issue can wait till Wednesday then I suggest you should visit Tandojam University for a specialised vet. If you have any problem with directions please email it to me so I can further help you as it’s near my place.

  5. My kitten jumped from terrace and injured her arm. Apart from that from past two days she has been vomiting. Today she totally refused to eat. Situated in hyd I feel helpless not being able to help her. Took her to one of the vets in latifabad but apparently he doesn’t know anything.. Can any one please guide mw if there are any other vets?

  6. Recently I lost my cat …. because there was no pets hospital in mirpurkhas ….. nd there are many injured cats nd dog no action is being taken I m really dosappointed

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