KARACHI: Fishing cats, pelican to be released shortly

Article by Bhagwandas in Dawn about the confiscated fishing cats in Karachi

2 thoughts on “KARACHI: Fishing cats, pelican to be released shortly

  1. This account is definitely a distorted version of what I gathered. According to this version, the third cat (who allegedly escaped and is now supposedly back with the owner)is still in illegal captivity. Where is this cat in actuality? What does the said authority say about that? The great news is that the other two other cats are going to be released into the wild very soon. Keep it up! Not only are cats available in Empress Market but baby crocodiles and other species also.Concerned citizens visiting this market should speak up every time they see anything like this. The more known about this the better. This would really help prevent incidents of this kind.

  2. i would love to know a person that wants to save our great countrys wild life and natural heritage to contact me iam salman and my id is salmanall@live.com i would love to share my knowledge about wildlife and hope to parctically work with people interested in saving wild animalsss and patricia you are very cool i love the why you are so interested in saving tne incredible wildlife of pakistan i would love to know you as a student and youth of pakistan i condemm the rich,feudal and infleuential people of pakistan hunting and trapping our countries most rarest and endangered species like dalmatian pelican,fishing cat and falcons . its so sad that according to 2008 redlist of pakistan fishing cat is an endangered specie and its is listed as an possibly extinct specie in pakistan!!!!!!!!!!and it is so so so sad that this magnificent and mini tiger of pakistan is kept locked up and brutality kept behind cage like it is a criminal if we dont stop buying and keeping this endengered species they will dissapper forever this species have to be protected by tough and strict measures by the govtment working with local community ngos like paws,wwfand iucn to protect this incredible endangered speices and their habitat

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