Leopard’s plight fails to move city govt

Faiza Ilyas in DAWN:

the poor leopardKARACHI, online Jan 4: The city government is yet to take any steps to alleviate the suffering of the lone female leopard kept in unnatural conditions in the CDGK’s Korangi-Landhi zoo and being ‘targeted’ by visitors for fun. During a visit to the zoo last week, the cemented floor of the cage was found littered with stones, big enough to cause serious injuries, plastic bottles and sticks, a sure sign of the cruel treatment the big cat had been subjected to over the weeks.

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6 thoughts on “Leopard’s plight fails to move city govt

  1. Hello
    Syed suggested I be in touch with Ms. Mahera Omar. I am looking for a Muslim who is an activist for animals to feature in a book. Can Ms Omar please be in touch with me?
    Thank you!

  2. This is devastating. This beautiful animal being held captive in such wretched, unhumane conditions shows how depraved people can be. I think she is willing herself to die rather than wake up another day in that cage. Is there nothing that can be done to save her before it is too late?

  3. This is so dreadful. I discovered this website by accident, and the story really broke my heart. I love animals, and this just was too painful to read.

    I hope something is done soon.

  4. Faiza illyas, you have very rightly highlighted the issue. But, the sad part of the story is that in Pakistan we don’t regard these issues a serious offend. However, I appreciate your efforts and do hope that you will continue to cover these topics. Apart from it, you will be surprized to know about the methods that are applied on animals to shape their body and features in order to get better sale proceeds. The traders use acid on cows horn to destroy its tissue. Resultantly, further growth of horn is stopped. During this process, the animal feels severe pain as acid penetrates into his skin and ultimately burns it. Cows literally wipes and smashes its head against the walls repeatedly as pain multiplies and animal seeks mercy to allah. Are we muslim?

  5. This is outrageous . The amount of torture this beauteous animal has to go through everyday is really terrible . Is this how we are supposed to treat animals ? Is there no way to save her ?

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