Street puppy looking for good home

Brownie the puppyA sweet little puppy rescued from the streets of Karachi by PAWS is looking for a loving home. The puppy, named Brownie, has been dewormed and vaccinated. He is very good natured and adores people. He also adores cats. His best friend is Ginger, a rescued stray kitten.

How you can help

Consider adopting Brownie, a Pakistani street puppy, as your next animal companion. He’s been socialized with people since a young age, and is very charming. If not, pass this message on to friends, family and colleagues who may be interested in adopting him instead.

We’re also looking for volunteers to spend a little time with Brownie till he’s adopted. If you, or someone you know, would like to walk Brownie a few times a week, then please do get in touch with Dr. Zulfiqar Otho of the Karachi Animal Hospital on Kh-Rahat, DHA6 at 0321 2471053.

If you would like to help us find a home for Brownie, feel free to print out the flyer below and put it up in public places such as schools, coffee shops and supermarkets (with permission from the relevant authorities).

Brownie Poster Feb20 09

21 thoughts on “Street puppy looking for good home

  1. i dont have space to adopt him, but i have met Brownie and he is a lovely animal – quite quirky, definitely has a great personality. Someone please step up!

  2. He is indeed still available. You can go visit him at the Karachi Animal Hospital.

    21/C, Lane 2, Komal Arcade
    Khayaban-e Rahat, DHA6

    Contact Dr. Zulfiqar Otho for details. Tel: 0321 2471053

  3. Thank you for your interest in adopting Brownie. Yes, he is still available for adoption. You can go see him at the Karachi Animal Hospital. Please contact Dr. Shalla Hayat for details. Tel: 0322 6160876. You can also send us an email at

  4. Good news – A kind soul adopted Brownie today, so he is now at his new home.

    For those wanting to adopt a rescued puppy, we have 6 two month old mixed breed puppies that need homes. Please contact Dr. Shalla Hayat for details.

    If you would like to foster one or more of the puppies, or help us find homes for them, please do email us at

    1. I am currently living in rawalpindi. Urgently want one that is good looking healthy and vaccinated. An early action may be appreciated.

  5. I want to know that does the karachi animal hospital provide any services to people who want to give their pets as adoption? Also I’m a pet lover and just have a craze for animals so if I can be of any help to ypu please tell me.

  6. i wanted to know if u have any kittens as i want to adopt one…

    and i need to know that if i can join this organization as an active member??

    thank u and regards….

  7. We have a couple of kittens and young cats looking for a good home. Among the young ones there’s Toffee, a loving female calico, and Teenu, a sweet white and grey cat. Three of the kittens are 3 weeks old, and will be ready to go to their new homes when they are 8 weeks old. You can see photos of the young cats on our website and facebook page here:

    As for being an active member, please see for ways in which you can help us out.

  8. we want to adopt pure breed of GSD/LABRADOR/PITBULL we r animal loving family plz rply us ( we r great dog lover

  9. Asad and Hashim, we don’t have any dogs of these breeds for adoption. We suggest you post at the forums on You might have better luck there.

  10. Hi
    i want to adopt any good puppy , today i see brownie pic but he is already adopted ,now looking for another dog like brownie .

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