Call for Volunteers

Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is looking for volunteers for its stall at this year’s DAWN’s All About Lifestyles exhibition. The dates and times are given below:

Friday, doctor November 5, dosage 3pm to 10pm
Saturday: November 6, 11am to 10pm
Sunday: November 7, 11am to 10pm

Location: Expo Center, Karachi

Volunteers are required for all three days. Duties include managing the stall and receiving visitors, informing them about PAWS and ways in which they can help animals.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email telling us about yourself, your availability, along with your contact details to

Patience, ingenuity and people skills are a must!

PAWS will provide lunch and dinner to all its volunteers.

Thank you!


14 thoughts on “Call for Volunteers

  1. Hi PAWS team..

    i am ready to voulnteer for the event but would only be avaiable on Saturday, November 06, 2010. Is it possible for you to accept my request for a day only.

    You can contact me on my cell # 0333-3892937


  2. salam to paws team i am farrukh student of final year DVM i am ready to volunteer for the event on 7 NOVEMBER and may b on 6 also u can contact me on my mob no that is 0334 6800506.

  3. Have emailed you. me and two other friends wanted to volunteer. We are free Sunday . I really hope u accept one day volunteers. I think it would be good if you divide people into groups depending on their availability cuz its usually not possible for people to be available all 3 days but ur the boss so how you wanna go about this thing is entirely upto u. Do let me know by mail or phone if my friends and i can be a part of this 8)

  4. Hi PAWS Team

    Since the days have changed now kindly count me in for whole day on Sunday. I can also try for November 9 (Tuesday) if its declared as a holiday. Kindly contact me on 0333-3892937


  5. I am Interested to save animals in Pakistan I want to do something for this. My Cell no is 03324814699

    1. If you need volunteer for such noble cause so have my # 92 345 2155 376

      I am in Karachi now

      PAWS Team *appreciated*

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