Leo the pup was adopted today

Leo, cialis a puppy rescued by Dr. Otho in Karachi many months ago, site finally went to her new home today. She had been living at the Karachi Animal Hospital along with a few other rescued animals. We encourage people to consider giving a home to a rescued animal in need. There are many out there looking for good homes.

3 thoughts on “Leo the pup was adopted today

  1. was really excited to read about Leo. Have been trying to get i touch with Paws for a female dog and her pups.Unfortunately,this morning, the DHA shot down the mother whom we had fondly named Boney.Now her four homeless pups seem to be destined to the same future.Please tell me what I can do… Desperately need some advice..My numb er is 03332298007.

  2. Really sorry to hear about that, Rahi. Usually, we try to find foster homes for rescued animals till the time someone adopts them. We don’t have a shelter or clinic of our own yet, and coordinate with private veterinary clinics for treatment. There’s usually no space at the clinics either, so housing is a real issue, especially since it can take months to find homes. If you post a link to their photo album on our facebook page, we can help spread the word to all our 7k plus fans and hope someone comes forward to foster them asap.

  3. Things seem to have changed a bit..in an amazingly short time the four pups who have been christened Laila,Cleo,Husky and Bruno have become alot sturdier at dont seem fragile as they did..my kids and I visited a couple of places that had penned animals but we just could not imagine caging the four of them..i think that would really be the death of the pups..in the early mornings these four run the earth as if it was created only for them..they play,their ears flapping and their tongues hanging till breakfast time when my clangs the gate handles and they come in for breakfast..we sheltered them for about three weeks after BONNIE died but now they are out on their own and come in just at meal times.we have had them collared..so they cannot be shot..I personally feel that they will live life till they are destined to ..but will live it to the fullest..will ask my son to put up some photos .Also please let me know where i could get them vaccinated on discount..that i think is very important

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