Adopt Me!

Little Chutku, viagra Bills and Billy are up for adoption. Please help us find them loving homes.

8 thoughts on “Adopt Me!

  1. I am horrified to see what happens to the bears, especially the baiting. How horrible, is there much being done about this?

  2. is there any cat or kitten needs to be adopt? i’m looking for cat to adopt in these days…please reply soon.

    1. Michael, we’re looking for a home for Little Chutku, a young female kitten and Bills, a blind male kitten. Their photos and videos are up here:



      Besides these two, other people also often post on our facebook page about cats and kittens up for adoption.

  3. i am truly disappointed with PAWS ..EVERYTIME i have tried to inform u about strays pups i have received practically no help at all..finally the animals become victims..they are either shot or poisoned..IS ANY HELP TRULY AVAILABLE OR IS THIS JUST AN EYE WASH just like every other set up in Pakistan ..IF u really do exist

    to help out stray animals there are nine 4 week pups born outside our house t hey really deserve a chance to live but sadly without help we will watch them perish one by one

  4. Hi I was wondering if you had any dogs for adoption and can you send them to Islamabad that because I rarely vist karachi

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