Roadside Rescues


One of these kittens was spotted huddled in fear by the edge of Khayaban-e-Bahria. It’s sibling had taken refuge in a tree on the divide across the busy road and was calling out to its sister. A boy in the vicinity said a car had dumped the four kittens earlier in the day, rx in a box. We began to search for the missing two. One was found hiding behind a garbage dump and another perched precariously on the divider in the center of the road. It’s quite a miracle none of them were run over in the hours after being dumped. These little survivors are healthy, unhealthy cute and bravely coping with abandonment, try though the smallest is still mewing for it’s mother. They need to be adopted by a loving home. PAWS will bear vaccination, deworming and veterinary check up costs. Please come forward.


This beautiful white cat with blue eyes, currently being fostered by one of Karachi’s guardian angels, is still wondering why her family dumped her. She is people friendly and talkative and was clearly was a part of a human family and lived inside a home prior to being abandoned. Her kittens are very cute and ready for adoption. They, and their mama, are in need of a forever family. PAWS will bear all vaccination, deworming and veterinary check up costs.

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  1. Help me rescue dogs from neighbouring streets
    Should I try to gain their trust by feeding them scraps or meet everday ?

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