Dogs shot in DHA

We just received this news from someone on our facebook page:

i jus saw a guard who shot 2 dogs an hour a ago at bhukhari comm. ph 6 =[ .. such a horrible act .. jus want to know its allowed or is it legal to shot down street dogs like that =S .. ? i duno if they harmed anyone or not .. the only thing noticed that they barked alot this morning .. :s

Our reply to them:

Thanks for letting us know. Are the dogs still around? If you can find out, and they need help, please call Dr. Otho at 0321 247 1053 or Dr. Shalla Hayat at 0322 616 0876, 0213 538 9834. Dr. Otho’s clinic is very near Bukhari, on Rahat.

Cruelty to animals is not allowed according to our laws, and we do have laws.


Unfortunately, dogs throughout the city continue to be inhumanely shot and poisoned as a means to control their populations. This method has been proved to be extremely inaffective, but the powers that be insist upon it. Madness is defined as doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

Clifton Cantonment Board has dog shooters on their payroll, and have given advertisements in newspapers as well when hiring such people. “Dog Shooters wanted” is what the ads say.

We have been advocating a humane stray dog management strategy and have met with previous city governments to try and encourage them to implement it.

Please write letters to editors of leading newspapers in Pakistan encouraging the Karachi City Government to adopt the animal birth control method to control the stray dog population in the city.


The News

Daily Times

Express Tribune

Please forward this alert to your friends, family and colleagues.

2 thoughts on “Dogs shot in DHA

  1. their is a family of dogs living in our society please help.
    main shahbaz commercial phase 6 lane 1 dha karachi.
    please kill them A.S.A.P

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