Meet Barack the rescued cat

Guest post by Aaminah Haq:

Meet Barack, the Love of My Life. Found him half blind with a broken hind leg four years ago on the road. Adopted him without hesitation as if I hadn’t he would have died, as he was too small and far too wounded to survive. I thank God every day for sending him to me and bringing all the joy in my life!

There are thousands of stray animals that need our love and care. Please don’t be heartless and only adopt pedigree pets. Please adopt a pet that needs your love and care and is just special if not more because it has nobody to take care of it.

Adopt a stray today!

One thought on “Meet Barack the rescued cat

  1. You’re a wonderful person, honestly. May God bless you. People need to understand, animals are not carpets, they are breathing, thinking creatures with a heart of gold, some traits that are RARE in human nowadays. Yet some selfish people will only ‘buy’ an ‘expensive persian cat’ and then treat it like a wall painting, while turning their faces away from those that actually need help. I wish more of us would actually start being human. Oh and shame on the mothers who never punish their children for being abusive towards animals. Shame.

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