An amazing animal rescue in Lahore

It all started with a distress call we received about an injured and emaciated dog in Lahore, apparently thrown out on the road by his guardians in a well to do area. We are based in Karachi, and so posted about him on our Facebook wall, hoping for a miracle. What follows is an amazing story of how some very compassionate people orchestrated his rescue through coordination via social media.

Thursday, 5.04pm

The distress call sent to us by Sonya Rehman goes up on our Facebook wall.

“This is an SOS – saw a Dalmation chucked out of her house in Lahore. She’s incredibly weak.

Location: From Zahoor Ellahi round-about turn on to Maratab Ali Road. Once on Maratab Ali Road take the first left (this road leads to the FCC park). As soon as the park starts (on your right), you will see a large house (high wall) on your left. The Dalmation is lying there outside along the boundary wall of this house, in the green patch between the boundary wall and the road”

“Can anyone please help call a veterinarian?” we added, hoping for a miracle. There are no animal ambulances or rescue services one can call for animals in times of need. SPCA is active in Lahore, and they have their facilities on the premises of UVAS, but the last time we checked they only treat horses, donkeys and mules, and their Ramzan timings are from 8am to 1pm. It was past 5pm.

And then the comments started pouring in, 56 of them in all.

Asma Ahmad – 5.07pm
“friend’s please help, this is terrible! if i were in lahore i’d do something. :(”

Sadiyah Ahmed – 5.08pm
“‎Muniba Sheikh please help”

Asma Ahmad – 5.09pm
“am liking it so it can be shared on my wall. otherwise, the treatment meted out to this poor animal is inhumane!”

Sheraz Ali – 5.15pm
“hold on guys let me reach there..”

Zainab Zahra Gardezi – 5.19pm
“You’re an angel Sheraz! Let us know how the little thing is doing :(”

Muniba Sheikh – 5.24pm
“I just came from there, wish had read this message earlier. . Sheraz.. do let me know if you get hold of him.”

Vasi Hasan – 5.25pm
“Im leaving lhr tmw morning but if the dog needs a temp house i can put it up. Let me know if you need help with this.”

Zainab Zahra Gardezi – 5.26pm
“If u can’t go let me know I will tell someone to go right now”

Sheraz Ali – 5.27pm
“leaving my office now.. will inform u guys after iftari..”

Muniba Sheikh – 5.28pm
“or I will send someone else.”

Sadiyah Ahmed ‎- 5.31pm
“Muniba Sheikh try sending someone.. 🙁 poor dog”

Sadiyah Ahmed – 5.32pm
“ok i just read Sheraz is going.. please keep us updated..”

Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) – 5.39pm
“You guys are awesome :-)”

Muniba Sheikh – 5.42pm
“waiting for Sheraz’s update. I hoep he will find the dog and then we can deal with the vetrinary thing”

Nuvaira A Dhedhi – 5.46pm
“God help the poor animal..”

Yoshi Khwaja – 5.52pm
“i have a dalmatian and i know how incredibly attached and loving they are towards their people, more than other dogs. I hope someone is able to speak to those that threw it out. When i am free from all my building i’m going to do some fundraising for paws.”

Mahrukh Mohsin – 5.55pm
“Hey lemme know if you need any help with the poor doggie!!!And I wish Sheraz would let us know sooner so that someone else can go and take the doggie to the vet immediately!!! Also I have a friend who’s dog recently passed away due to old age if this poor soul is homeless she has a big house and I’m sure she will be really glad to take good care of it!!!”

Zainab Zahra Gardezi – 5.56pm
“Just sent someone to check, they checked all of fcc nothing there. Hoping Sheraz found him. Let us know plz.”

Atif Saeed – 6.14pm
“I’m is Cantt. Please keep me in the loop!”

Sonya Rehman – 6.54pm
“Thanks PAWS for putting up my message – some friends checked, she isn’t in the same spot..I’m going to go tonight or tomorrow morning to look. If any of you can look properly in the green belt area, that’d be great, keep your eyes peeled. My mother saw her this morning and said she was pretty weak, which means she couldn’t have gotten very far.”

Ayesha Fazli – 6.58pm
“Not in Lahore really hope someone finds her ASAP!”

Nuzhat Saadia Siddiqi – 7.42pm
“Did Sheraz post any update? I’m going there right now and have two excellent vets on speed dial…”

Palvashae Hussain – 7.53pm
“The amount of love for a lost dog brings tears to my eyes. I hope the dog is found and is in loving hands.”

Sheraz Ali – 8.43pm
“hello every one am back, she is there.. i found her.. someone left herin dear condition before 20 days.”

Sheraz Ali – 8.44pm
“i had a lil accident while going there. searched the dog for 1 hour, but finally i found her”

Sheraz Ali – 8.47pm
“i just come back to workshop. is there anyone who can help me to take her any pet clanik or who can adopt her? plz contact me on 03218477933, and i need someone bcoz i can handle her alone,”

Sheraz Ali – 8.47pm
“am going there again..i know the home. she is laying there..i told someone to b there”

Ruheena Hasan – 10pm
“a friend texted me for a vet’s number. i have sent it to her but will put it down here as well.
Dr. Rehan 0333 424 2458 and Dr. Khalid 0301 419 2257”

Mehreen Wain – 10.01pm
“Sheraz u are an angel.God bless u.”

Alena S. Amir – 10.34pm
“Just returned from the dog. She is responsive, mobile and friendly. Severe lack of nutrition. Guard of house across street has been nursing her for past 20 days n saying that she has improved greatly. However, point of concern is a large maggot hole on her left ribcage, close to spine.
She needs vetrinary attention. Could not find a doctor at this hour. Called 2. No response. Someone who can provide immediate medical aid should reach her first thing tomorrow morning. For now, fed her about .75 liter milk and added some biscuits in it. Shes is not in near death situation. But the maggots are serious.”

Alena S. Amir – 10.36pm
“Also, i dont think that shes a dalmation. Just a spotted local dog. Its important to point this out so that breed-fanatics dont rush over to try n make money out of her. Which happens.”

Alena S. Amir – 10.37pm
“The guard is quite fond of dogs. 2 other dtreet dogs keep him company and despite her weak physique, the dog is mentally at ease and happy with the guard.”

Ausaf Ahmed – 10.52pm
“The response warms my heart :)”

Zainab Zahra Gardezi – 10.55pm
“My faith in humanity was restored a little today! Thank you Sheraz and thank you guard. He must be an amazing man.”

Zainab Zahra Gardezi – 11.02pm
“I have two numbers of vets in lahore that my friends say will come even at this time. Dr. Sultan 00923008054444 and Dr Hamid 00923009450203… If that helps!”

Sheraz Ali – 11.03pm
“am back to. thanks alena for the help. she is in good condition”

Sheraz Ali – 11.07pm
“me too tried to call some vet but it was too late. as Alena said she is in good condition so we moved back. hopefully i will visit her tomorrow morning”

Sheraz Ali – 11.10pm
“there were 3 cato’s in the street as well.:)”

Amna Batul Balghari
“Please save her from the maggots =[”

Sheraz Ali
“they can kill her in weeks… she need proper treatment”

Sheraz Ali
“her latest photo with milk. she has a wound full of maggots, need proper treatment.”

Summiya Sufi
“Was so scared when i read ur post tht it might be one if my dalmations i had to give away. Guys why isn’t she being treated for her wound? Is it money?I’m willing to contribute. And am so proud you guys stepped up 🙂 please keep us informed.”

Sonya Rehman
“‎Nuzhat Saadia Siddiqi Chemaine Majid”

Sonya Rehman
“Alena, if the guard WAS taking care of her, she wouldn’t be bone thin – I’m sorry but I really want to point that out so that we aren’t comforted by the thought – she’s in the worst condition imaginable. I won’t trust the guard if I were you, hate being so jaded, but he probably wants to make an extra buck. Clearly, she IS NOT being fed.”

Sheraz Ali
“she need proper treatment from vet,u guys can see her picture. i dont think so guard taking care of her, he just giving some food once in a days,”

Nuzhat Saadia Siddiqi
“I went there last night and the guards from the house in front of the park did NOTHING to come forward and help us feed her. She had one dirty, insect ridden plastic bowl next to her that was filled with dirty water. She IS friendly and resilient, but that does not mean she is well. I talked to Dr Raza and explained her condition and he fears her maggot wound may be too deep. Trying to arrange a vehicle to take her to the veterinary hospital with Sonya Rehman’s wonderful Aunt. Everyone, thank you so much for your help. I work for WWF and I will be sheltering her at my office after she has been taken care of at the veterinary hospital.”

Durri Alvi
“sonya, i think that the guard should be given credit because he must not be earning much so he couldn’t be feeding her much hence her condition But if the dog is comfortable around him then it means that he has shown her/him kindness and compassion and given her the little food that he could afford to give her. be it dried bread or a little milk a day or leftovers from his meal… anything.he might be trying to earn an extra buck but at least he wasn’t hitting the dog and he let it be around the area….i think in today’s world even compassion like that for animals is a big thing. animals just don’t hang around you because you feed them. they hang around when they trust you- when they know you won’t hurt them. 🙂 sometimes a loving tone is all that is needed and maybe that is all the guard could do. you have to remember he is a relatively poor man too who is struggling to feed his kids and family. :)”

Nuzhat Saadia Siddiqi
“Also, I have already started getting messages from people in my inbox about adopting her. Listen, animal rescue doesn’t work that way. I am not trying to be harsh, but I saw the attitude of people towards the poor thing with the fleas and the maggots in her, and now the prospect of her being rescued and taken care of is driving people to ask me if they can ‘adopt her’. I don’t claim to be this precious dog’s owner, but I won’t let her go into a home that does not take care of her special needs and only wants her because she is a dalmation. If this was any other street dog, nobody would’ve been interested in messaging me about ‘taking it in after it has been cured’. Sorry, but no thanks. If you can’t stick it out with an animal at its worst, then you surely don’t deserve to have it at its best.

Now moving the dog to the veterinary hospital. Keep checking back for updates and messages. I’ll be posting public messages on my timeline about Phoenix. That’s what I’m calling her after my own dog who gave my family wonderful years of friendship and companionship, and because, well, we are all hoping for her to rise again from her misfortune. 🙂

Thank you everyone once again.”

Sheraz Ali
“‎@nuzhat: awaiting for her latest pic.”

Nuzhat Saadia Siddiqi
“Sheraz, I am not going to take a pic of her right now. The focus is on rescuing her first. Once she is at the veterinary hospital, then we will take pics. By the way, once we move Phoenix to my office, you are all welcome to come and meet her and bring food, blankets or toys for her.”

Sheraz Ali
“yeah sure, am the person who visited her after got sos call, had a lil accident last nite so couldn’t visit today.”

Nuzhat Saadia Siddiqi
“It’s ok, Sheraz! You did what you could and it is really heartwarming that you went out there to check up on her. Hope the accident wasn’t bad and you are safe. Will post here when we move her to my office and then you can come and meet her. :)”

Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
“We almost have tears in our eyes. Thank you, everyone, for your compassion, and for all your efforts in rescuing her.

Nuzhat Saadia Siddiqi You deserve a big hug!”

Nuzhat Saadia Siddiqi
“We should definitely have a group hug right now. 🙂 People are so cynical and cold-hearted. I bawled when I first saw her. But then I realized so many people are rooting for her and got down to work. Thank you everyone, from the original message by Sonya, to PAWS’ timely update, and Sheraz’s help and everyone’s concern. Who says Pakistanis are all heartless? We’re Pakistanis, and we made this happen. ♥”

Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
“‎Nuzhat Saadia Siddiqi can we share the updates on your wall in a blog post? Can do so anonymously, if you prefer.”

Nuzhat Saadia Siddiqi
“Please, share away and use my name / blog / twitter ID / what have you. I may not be able to help EVERY dog or cat out there, but I’m sure as hell going to try and do that for as many pawed (and feathered or scaled or hoof-ed) friends as I can.”

Sonya Rehman
“Thank you so much PAWS – the dog’s wound has been cleaned, maggots removed. She’s in the veterinary hospital with my Aunt at the moment. WWF Pakistan sent their jeep to transport the dog, and will look after her for a few days.”

Nuzhat Saadia Siddiqi
“If God judges us all by how we treat the most vulnerable among us, whether human or animal, then try and imagine what’s coming to us.

There is an emaciated, scarred and flea-ridden Dalmation next to FCC Park, Lahore, in front of house number 42 FCC. He was most likely in an accident and has been abandoned. The guards at this palatial homes sniggered as Khurram and I left some milk for it to drink just over an hour ago. We’re trying to save it. We’ll get Dr Raza to see him and if he can be moved, we’ll take him to my office for recuperation.

I was shocked to see this beautiful animal in such a brutalized state. He looked at me with alert, TRUSTING eyes and neither barked nor snarled at Khurram as he went forward to leave food for him. But maybe it’s my fault for feeling like the whole world should be appalled at the treatment meted out to a dog when we are so busy condemning each other to hellfire and more just because of religious, social, ethnic and racial differences. Maybe I’m mad for feeling that we really shouldn’t be treating the weak and the meek around us.

We need to stop killing what we can’t recreate. It’s as simple as that. All our prayers, all our fasting, all our zakat pales if we keep an intent to abandon or kill in us. Caring for and valuing life should be the essence of all human conduct, or else nothing is worth doing and we may as well just sit around and wait to become worm-food and pray that they will choose to be kind to us, as we never were to anything – or anyone – who needed it the most.”

Nuzhat Saadia Siddiqi
“Ok. My brilliant co-workers at WWF, Shahid and Babar, are helping move Phoenix (that’s what I am calling the abandoned dalmation after my own late Lab) to the veterinary hospital. Sonya’s Aunt Samo is joining them. Once her maggot wound is taken care of and all shots are administered, we will move her to my office where she will recuperate. If anyone is interested in donating some food for Phoenix, or a blanket or a toy or two, please contact me here. Thank you.”

Nuzhat Saadia Siddiqi
“Phoenix Update: She was moved to the veterinary hospital in the morning where she was diagnosed with severe malnutrition, dehydration, shock, fatigue and distress. She wasn’t eating anything because the doctor said since she didn’t have anything to eat for such a long time, her stomach is not accepting any food. The doctor then went on to meticulously and patiently clean her wound and took away all of the maggots, then dressed the wound. She is now being given nutrition and being hydrated through the IV. They’re keeping her at the hospital for a few days and feeding her antibiotics to get her back into shape so she can at least eat solid foods. Once that happens, we will move her to my office for recuperation till she gets healthy again.

WWF staff members Shahid and Babar are the wonderful people who took Phoenix to the hospital with Aunt Samo. It wouldn’t have been possible without these three.”

Nuzhat Saadia Siddiqi – Friday, 8pm
“Phoenix Update: Phoenix, or Miracle, as Aunt Samo has started calling her. This was taken by Aunt Samo at the veterinary hospital as Phoenix was being checked in emergency. She is SUCH a resilient girl. She had no fever, despite being out in the open for so many days without food and in the rain. She really is the personification of that verse from D. H. Lawrence’s poem: ‘I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself’.

She isn’t sorry and she is ready to put up a fight to get better.”

Sheraz Ali ‎- Saturday, 12.48am
“@nuzhat: i will visit, and thanks to admin for the concern:)”

40 thoughts on “An amazing animal rescue in Lahore

  1. I am very moved by how many people tried, and did help this dog. One can argue that this dog would not have gotten so much attention had it not been a Dalmation, but the truth is, whatever the reason behind the spontaneous action may be – the people who went out of their way to help this poor dog are heroes in my eyes.
    Hoping the dog recovers soon.

    1. I just saw a dog on footpath i am dying inside what to do now I am back home from school I wonder what will the dog do from little far I saw that dog and got shocked I praying for her I wish I could do something there is no one to rescue I can’t forget how was he/she lying in Lahore :”””'(

  2. Sara, Myself, Nuzhat and Sonya did not rescue this dog because she was
    a dalmation but a canine in distress. I dont even know if she is a dalmation. She is with me and we are looking for a good home for her. So if anyone is interested to take her and properly care for her plz contact me on 03214577745. We dont want pedigree concsious people so only those who truly love canines should come forward.

    1. Thanks! Please also post this on the paws Facebook page wall. Most people don’t visit our website, since they live on Facebook 🙂

  3. Also folks you have to act fast when you see an animal in distress like this. No use calling up vets and asking them to come over as they can’t do much. These animals need hospitalisation so they can be properly cared for and aggressively treated with antibiotics steroids etc. There is a good Animal and Veterinary Sciences hospital in Lahore.Please take these animals there. My experience has been with street dogs. They get treated there and when well they are back on street. As this dog was a house dog she did not have the street smarts and suffered badly. From the time she was sighted and the time she was taken to hospital it wasover 24hrs. thats too long. Please be aggressive take the initiative and act. Allah will be there to help and guide you. I am proud of Sonya and Nuzhat for taking that intiative. Sonya calling me and myself getting to Miracle and Nuzhat sending WWF jeep to take her to hospital. Just get up and do it for man’s best friend.

    1. Hello,

      Have you found any home for this poor thing? I am trying to get a few people in Lahore to find a home for her, I would’ve taken her if I was in Pakistan. I am feeling so sick after reading this entire post and how she was someone’s pet obviously before being kicked to the curb.

      Do we need any funds for her treatment? I know Sonya so I would trust her enough to send funds to someone through her. Kindly let me know.


  4. Hi, I couldn’t find any other place to comment so I’m commenting here.
    I want to sign up for PAWS but don’t have FB, do you guys have a regular sign-up? Because I really love animals and want to volunteer in any way I can (I live in Rawalpindi).
    Also, this story was really inspiring *_*

  5. i pray for all of you. i have a kitten found in the we take care of kittens if we find them abondened.thats the only thing we can do. but i wish i can do something for thiland elephants.

  6. Well done Sheraz, Nuzhat and everyone else who helped this amazing little thing.. This is incredible.. Praying for Phoenix and other such animals, always!

  7. My pet Cat is stuck in a duct and has no way of climbing out. there is not even a single rescue service available to help. Please someone help me. Its been down there for a day now and its scared like hell. Please reach me at 0334 3188584 if you know someone who can help in the rescue in Karachi gulshan

    1. Please call our veterinarian Dr. Ayaz Ali at 0345 617 7779 and ask him to help. He has an animal catching pole that may come in handy. Hope you’re able to get your cat out!

      1. Hey MO. Dr. Ayaz sent a volunteer Mr. Hassan. After hectic efforts of ninety minutes he was able to rescue the cat from the 20 feet deep duct. He fashoined a make shift catching pole with a slip knot and got hold of the cat in the duct. Then we fashoined a makeshift sling and lowered it into the duct. He pulled the cat on the sling and we all pulled it out.
        Thanks Allah and then Thanks to PAWS our Boozou (name of our cat) is back with us and eathing like crazy 🙂 Thank you PAWS (Dr Ayaz and specially Hassan)

      1. Alhamdolilah. Its normal now. Taken a bath and sleeping now. Once again thank you guys. Karachi does not have a animal rescue service as such. I tried calling Edhi, Chippa, Fire Services, Even called 1122 in Punjab. PAWS was the only one to respond. So thank you again!

        1. That’s great to hear, Armughan. A big thanks to Mr. Hassan who volunteered and a big thanks to Dr. Ayaz Ali being so resourceful. We’re glad we saw your post in time and called Dr. Ali. Please save his number if you ever need help again. Would you be willing to write a story about your cat’s rescue? We would love to share it as a guest post on our website. You can email it to us at if you’re interested.

          Hope your cat gets over her ordeal soon. She already sounds like she’s doing much better. Bless you for not giving up and getting her the help she needed. You’re right, Karachi does not have an animal ambulance service yet. it’s a real pity that out of the many hundreds of ambulances for people, not one was willing to help. That’s why we are in the process of setting up an ambulance service for animals soon.

          1. I am in debt to PAWS so yes I have already emailed you the narration.

            Do let me know if you require any kind of help for future projects or resource planning etc. An ambulance and rescue service for animals is a must

  8. Wow , all of you guys are just awsome…… Now I truely believe that there is humanity in this world and Pakistanis are very loving and concerning people…
    May God bless you all…..

  9. I’ve lost my 7 year old bull mastiff on Sunday 9th January, 2014 around 6 in the morning. I’ve raised him since he was a 3 months old pup so i guess you can imagine the level of emotional attachment towards my dog. My dog has been stolen as i know for sure since he never used to leave the house. I leave this message to cry out for help if anyone or anybody has seen a bull mastiff please let me know. The markings are that it has a black face a white chest and brown color, more like a tiger’s coat. Please let me know if anyone has seen this dog it also has a mole on his face and is short in height. Is not huge like the typical mastiffs but is shorter more like an average dog. Any information regarding lost dogs would be helpful. My contact number is 0321-9437939

  10. Hey I need an info about a dog rescue..there a bog injured, can’t move and is hidden in a corner…and kids passing by are throwing bricks over him…please help me find a rescue services for him…please plesse

  11. Please help! There r four puppies in our street nd there is no 1 here to luk after them they r in too much pain. I dunt know who left them here nd i cant see them like ths moreover i dunt knw any organisation regarding pets thnx to our government. Please help me nd guide me wht can i do for informing or calling any organisation so that these puppies can go with them ….. pls help!

  12. Hi guys there is a stray dog that keeps coming to my house to meet my pet, but she has a disease around her neck ( fur is missing with red dotted skin) so we cant keep her. my parents only want to keep our dog, but what should we do about the stray one? she is staying in front of our door step. We dont want to spend much money on her since she is not ours. our dog already spends a lot of money so we cant get him sick. is there a SHELTER in Pakistan Lahore that would take her in? she is medium sized white dog. PLZ MESSAGE BACK. I DO NOT want to have security come and beat her and scare her away again. its sad and it did not work, she came back.

  13. Hello every1
    Does any one know contact details about strray dogs catching team in Lahore….It’s really urgent…..if there is any pls contach me 03219497123

      1. Hi- urgently need help. There was a stray dog in my street who I used to feed . It was a sweet dog and became friendly to ya as well as our neighbors. But four five days ago, it came bk and was in pain as it was in labour n was delivering. It made my front terrace/eneterance of my apartment . Now she is not letting anyone near her or her puppies. Barks and attacks anyone who is crossing. I’m in distress as it’s my front door. Please need help and kindly provide a number where we can contact u. Otherwise the society where I live will do smthg to it. I’m scared for the poor dog as she loves her puppies and I don’t want her to get separated. Plz help me relocate them. I can’t do on my own… hurry

  14. There’s a kitten live outside my home .She probably of one and a half month .l follow that kitten for two days but I didn’t saw her mother . She’s too small I want to keep her but mother’s not giving me permission .If some want to adopt that ? plz reply.

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