Say no to Dolphin Shows in Karachi

Today’s DAWN has a report by Faiza Ilyas on WWF’s recommendation to the government to not bring dolphin shows to Pakistan.

In a position paper launched on Wednesday, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) states, “We strongly recommend to the government and concerned agencies to re-consider the initiative and look into the matter in more detail. There are sufficient opportunities for public to see wild dolphins off the shore of Pakistan, especially Karachi. They can be observed without too much effort or expense and the experience is much more rewarding.”

All over the world animal welfare activists are trying to create awareness about the importance of preserving marine mammal habitats and keeping wild animals in the wild where they belong. But here in Karachi, instead of promoting ecotourism and keeping our marine waters pollution free, we prefer watching dolphins perform unnatural acts in captivity and get excited about the first company putting up a dolphin show in Pakistan.

We encourage you to write a letter to DAWN thanking them for covering animal welfare issues. Please also use the opportunity to politely remind the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation that there are other ways of entertaining ourselves that do not involve captive animals. Urge them to let wild animals remain in the wild, and let us work to preserve their habitats instead. You letter will help create awareness about the plight of dolphins in captivity.

Animals do not have a voice. You can make a difference by speaking up for them.

DAWN takes letters at

You can also send in letters to other publications:

The News

Daily Times

Express Tribune

Let us know if your letter is printed!

Please forward this alert to your friends, family and colleagues.

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