Update on the disabled dog

disabled dogWe shifted the disabled dog to Dr. Otho’s clinic in DHA 6 today where we will be better able to chart his progress and find a forever home for him. We have gotten soft bedding for him from Gizri and Duke’s Pet Wheelchairs in Karachi have kindly offered to design and donate a wheelchair for him*. His story has touched a lot of hearts and many of you have written in asking to donate towards his care, some to adopt him and one even to give him some physiotherapy. His adoption offers have been from out of the country and we feel that would be too stressful for him with the travel and long quarantine involved. He is already considerably weaker than when we found him and his hind legs have wasted away. We have also spent upwards of PKR 130,000 towards his boarding at private clinics in the city. For those of you who would like to help here’s what we need:

A loving, forever home in Karachi where he can spend time in the sun, freely, with a soft surface to prevent him from getting wounds.

Cash donations to help us with his boarding bills, treatment costs to date as well as future costs.

Donation information is up on our website. Thank you for your support.

*if you feel so inclined you may also donate to Duke’s Pet Wheelchairs so they are able to continue helping stray animals in need!

3 thoughts on “Update on the disabled dog

  1. Cn u plz send his complete picture as I feel it resembles wth our missing Tony ( dog). Plz plz do reply as we hv tried alot to find him

    1. Tamkeen, we rescued him when he was a young pup in DHA 1. He’s currently at Dr. Otho’s clinic in DHA 6. You may visit him there if you like.

  2. Hi I saw a pup up for adoption on FB and would like to adopt him if he has not gone already to a loving home. I usually pick up strays who are injured and help nurse them back to health. Even Crows and Hawks have been healed at our house and flown on their way. Please let me know about the pup whose parents were poisoned as I would like to give him a home.
    best regards
    Yvette Franklin (nee Fyfe)
    Telephone 0300 8260211
    email yvette@orixpakistan.com

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