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All about Lifestyles Exhibition 2005

!! I’d heard a lot about the pet shows organized by the Dawn Group of Newspapers as part of the yearly All about Lifestyles exhibition; but I’d never managed to….

City Govt. Dog Killing Campaign

The following is a translation by PAWS of the 3-page Urdu handout with guidelines and responsibilities for various government officials involved in the ‘Kutta Maar Mohim’ (dog-killing campaign) that was….

A Horse At Islamabad Villa

This article was first published in Horizon, Winter, 1965, volume vii, number 1. The views are the writer’s own. Writer Denis Shaw was rector of St. Wilfrid’s a downtown parish….

Stop the Freshwater Turtle Massacre Now!

!! It has come to our notice that ‘freshwater turtles in the Punjab are being brutally massacred’: for profit at a scale that puts their very existence at risk. Not….