Foster a rescued animal

If you can temporarily look after a rescued dog, cat or bird at your home, do contact us at info@pawspakistan.org

Adopt a rescued animal

We often post information on our website about animals looking for good homes. We vaccinate, deworm, spay/neuter and make sure they are healthy and good natured before putting them up for adoption. Street kittens and puppies make wonderful pets. Give one a chance today.

Help us find homes for rescued animals

Put a link about them on your facebook account.
Email the link to friends, family and colleagues.
Post their adoption notices on any appropriate discussion forums.
If you work in the print or electronic media, do a story on the animals to help spread the word about their rescue and adoption.
Print out adoption flyers from our website and put them up on public notice boards, such as at schools, coffee shops, supermarkets, etc. Be sure to get their permission first.

Organise a fundraising event with your friends

Write about animal and environmental issues for the print and electronic media

Donate supplies such as collars, leashes, cat baskets, cat and dog food, tick powder, etc.

197 thoughts on “Volunteer

  1. Hello! i must say that you people are doing marvellous job. i want to be a volunteer also. but rite now i just want to say that i am a student in Fatima Jinnah Women University rawalpindi, and i am making a documentary on animals’ rights. i am covering all the topics realted to animals’ rights, animal’s security and animal abuse and animal rescue. i wanted your help in this regard if you could guide me and give me information about your NGO and related stuff. i will be highly grateful to you. do reply me as soon as you can . i will be anxiously waiting for your reply. thankyou. God Bless you for doing such a pious work

    1. hey rabia, i read you post about making a documentary on animal rights. I must say you are doing a great job. I know it has been very long since you have posted this comment but currently I’m doing my thesis in prevention of animal cruelty in Pakistan so if you could dig out some old sources and help with some contacts of animal activists or organisations that you interviewed for your documentary it would be a great help to me.
      waiting for your reply.
      contact me on khadijamin@gmail.com
      thank you

    2. Im an A level business student if you need any help I’ll be available. I wanna contribute as much as I can. Even if it’s a little

    3. 03040645363
      Someone please adopt the kitten i rescued from dogs I can’t keep her with me I’m traveller if there is anyone in Rawalpindi contact me for the sake of kitten

  2. Thanks for getting in touch with PAWS, Rabia. It’s great to hear you’re making a documentary on animal rights. We’d be glad to help in any way and will email you soon.

  3. I want to ask you something, I am very much interested in helping animals by taking care of them but I am a student and can give time only on weekends. Can you please guide me how can i do this through PAWS?

    1. Hi good afternoon every body I need help hope same body can help me Yestarday I go to torres and I see one golden eagle and wen I take eagle and I see same fucking ppls cut two legs and I need help same body can help me Pls…. My name is zaigham I live in Spain and I came for holidays in pak hope same body can hrlp…?? My contact namber is 03107183508 thanks guys

  4. Ali, thanks for wanting to help animals. What we need help with most is finding loving homes for our rescued cats and dogs, all of which are currently living at volunteers’ houses. You could help us spread the word about them so that they can get adopted soon.

    Adopt a cat

    Adopt a dog

    Another way you can help is to write about animal related issues and submit them for publication to the print media. You could also write letters to the editor of newspapers if you ever spot a story that you feel strongly about. There is a great need to create awareness about the importance of animal welfare in our society. Articles can reach many people and do make a difference.

    You could organize a fundraiser at your school/college and donate the proceeds to PAWS, which would go directly towards helping rescued injured animals.

    We are also creating a network of people who would be interested in temporarily fostering any of our rescued animals. You can help add people to this list by asking your friends and family in Karachi if they would be willing to do so.

    Thanks for all your help!

  5. Thanks alot, These options will help me in supporting animal welfare. I must say you people are doing extremely good job, and we all should appreciate it. You people will get the reward from ALLAH.

    You can also contact me on my email address, if you want any voluntary services of mine.

  6. I have been looking after/feeding my compound cat and her off spring for 3 years now. Recently, I noticed a wound on the cat’s paw, a lot of swelling and some blood. I also noticed she was limping. I called Dr Zulfiqar and he arrived here with his assistant Dr Shehla. Seldom have I come across such caring, professional, dedicated and wonderful doctors. They immediately took charge of the situation, trapped the cat, which was very difficult, sedated her and treated her paw. They will be coming over to re-bandage her everyday for as long as she takes to heal. I am utterly grateful to them and to Dr Kathio who set up the Karachi Animal Hospital. I am so happy that such a service exists in Pakistan!

  7. Salam I am Glad to know that you people are doing good job for animals, but the problem is that you people are very far from our city (Peshawar) so how could i take help from you? i have an injured Eagle, from 4 days i am taking a good care of it but it needs doctor, and i want to give it in safe hands, kindly inform me how u could help me.

    1. Hi Sabika, I am sure you must be having a vet in your city?. Probably, if you could tell how is the eagle doing now, then we can surely let u know.

  8. I would also like to organise a fund raising mela for PAWS .Please do contact me on my email address . I am also very glad that such an organise exists in Pakistan.

  9. I want to ask you something, I am very much interested in helping animals by taking care of them but I am a student and can give time only on weekends. Can you please guide me how can i do this through PAWS?

  10. You are doing a great job. Dont ever quit doing it. Im with you. The more we publish stuff the more awareness shall be created. My husband works for The Nation and did a story about the caged birds some 6 months back. You give us more ideas, facts and figures and we shall write more. The only issue is that we are based in Islamabad. I shall donate some amount soon. here is a link to the story:

    Kindly update me with animal issues so that we can write about them.
    Mrs. Sikander Shaheen
    (Alexus Alexender on Facebook)

  11. Dear sir,
    Im Muhammed Taha Shayeq, a student at the Karachi Grammar School and i wanted to volunteer for PAWS activities. I would also like to write about animal and environmental issues in Pakistan.I can also make short documentary to spread awareness about your cause.

  12. Hi i am alina from comsats university and i am realie interested to be a volunteer but you are in karachi area a lil bit far from islamabad.
    you are doing great job.
    i also want to give a suggestion here that there are some people here to become a volunteer but they are a little bit busy in their studiex and can only give time on weekends so there must be some organization or some caring school where we can come and participate and give time to different pets and can take care of them.
    anybody here knows such type of school or institute here????

  13. Slam to every Body,
    i am zarrar khalil,animal welfare assessor in Brooke and EX veterinary assistant lahore zoo pakistan.i am happy to see
    youngster intrest in Animals love.i have checked your web and found so maney difficulits facing you relating to the animals .
    i voluntarily offer my services in this behalf only on sunday.
    © Jason Florio

    G.K.Chesterton, 1894 – 1936

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    And figs grew upon thorn
    Some moment when the moon was blood
    Then surely I was born.

    With monstrous head and sickening cry
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    On all four-footed things.

    The tattered outlaw of the earth.
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    I keep my secret still.

    Fools! For I also had my hour;
    One far fierce hour and sweet:
    There was a shout about my ears,
    And palms before my feet.

  14. i loved visiting this website. i am a student at IBA Karachi and want to volunteer for PAWS. i want to personally take care of the animals and help you guys rescue them and take care of them. Please let me know how i can do that. i take care of stray cats at home and also have had stray dogs as pets. please let me know how i can be of any use to your cause. thanks

  15. I am already a volunteer for PAWS. I came across it last year at Expo. I’d like to be a part of your fundraising programmes. As in, I can campaign for you guys. please contact me on my e-mail ID. And also if u guys set up exhibitions, do let me know. i’d volunteer for that too.

  16. hi…
    it is a well knwon n appreiciatable work done from . your are really doing an excellent job……..
    i here by infrom you that i am a vet. in f-7/2 isb… rana market st#20

    dr. khan vet ( d.v.m.) (RVMP)
    contact 0300 5257454

  17. U guys hav inspired me a lot………. ur really doign a good job. well done………………….
    if u need any guidance and support n operations i can giv u my best………..

    superb job……

    i will be here to welcome u

  18. hi…….
    this is well known and doing an excellent job for the welfare of pets of pakistan………
    i really appreciate your effort

    i want to inclaude that i am a vet in f-7/2 isb rana market st#20



  19. I’ve always wanted to support the cause of Animal Rights within the vicinity of Pakistan.
    I am an A-2 student studying currently in ROOTS,Islamabad.
    I would be delighted to help in any possible way I can because the welfare of animals holds deep meaning to me.

    1. plz contact me if you are really sincere n keen about it. I’m already feeding stray cats n dogs n exhausted almost all my savings in doing so. Help me help them. regards
      Shehryar Kureshi

  20. Hey, I hope you do remember me. We met today at the clinic.

    Just an unfortunate update. The cat that had the incision open died…

    The owner is a pathetic mess.


  21. Hello,I’m a vet from Bulgaria ,female,27,working with small animals for two years now;can I be part of PAWS as a volunteer or employee..thanks

  22. I am already running a small rescue house at my level in multan but i do rescue birds, hens, peacocks & fezents.
    I want to be member of your society and wants to be your representative of multan kindly contact me if u need member in multan.


  24. I am really in need of some help here. There is an injured cat beneath my apartment complex who needs immediate attention. He/She is dragging its back legs and cannot walk! I cannot bring her to my house as i have other cats and little children in the house. Please tell me how can i get in touch with someone from PAWS to help the poor animal??

  25. Hi,

    I am a lawyer in Karachi and was wondering about a plan in which corporations would adopt the animals in Karachi zoo. This would ensure a monthly contribution by the corporations as well as sufficient accountability of the proceeds that they are being used efficiently for the benefit of the animals. Such a plan would involve co-ordination with the zoo authorities as well as support from PAWS.

    Please get back to me if this plan seems feasible.

    1. I’m also from Rawalpindi.First of all we need to make a set up of like-minded people. We have to find such sensitive, kindhearted animal lovers who would be willing to support us morally, financially and by any other possible mean.
      contact me if you are really sincere n keen about it.
      Shehryar Kureshi.

      1. I’m also from Rawalpindi.First of all we need to make a set up of like-minded people. We have to find such sensitive, kindhearted animal lovers who would be willing to support us morally, financially and by any other possible mean.
        contact me if you are really sincere n keen about it.
        Shehryar Kureshi.

  26. Hi

    I’m a student of Riphah International University, Rawalpindi. I’m planning to start my own NGO to help animals in Rawalpindi and Islamabad but i need your help to understand the basic requirements of establishing one. Waiting for your reply.


    Rubban Shakeel

  27. Hi,
    I was living in jhelum and i moved to saudia and now my cats left behind and my mom is seriously panicking to get rid of her 🙁 now i want some one to take care for her .She is 6 months old with perfectly tutored !!i can show you the pics if some one interested.
    I done want her to be thrown on the street .I will make arrangements for the cat to drop at your place if you are living anywhere between jehlum and islamabad .Please let me know if anyone or the PAWS organization can help me with it,

  28. hello,
    I am so much pleased to see how you people are working for a good a cause. I have a suggestion, most of us already having some good breeds of cats and dogs so its very difficult to adopt any of them why don’t you open an account in any bank where we can donate some money for these pet’s food or some box could be placed at universities, colleges and schools so that every will easily donate and one get to know about it. It is a very good cause and I want to become a part of yours.

  29. I would like to volunteer for you guys. Having spent most of my life in the UK, I am aghast at the cruelty towards animals which I see here in Pakistan and would definitely want to help out to stop it.
    Please let me know how to help out by email.

  30. hi,plz wud someone guide me,,,i m from peshawar and i m animal lover and very very seriously support animal rights,,,i want to write articles about animal rights,,,but dnt kno where to submit etc

  31. Dear All,

    I’m urgently looking for a vet in the Sialkot area. Have an adopted 4 year old tabby who potentially has a urinary tract infection. She’s getting a little sicker everyday and I would appreciate contact details for vets or even pet stores in Sialkot. Thank you for your help!

  32. HYE PAWS

  33. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good reptile vet in Karachi. I have this baby turtle that has a deformed leg (The joints must have been dislocated once and we weren’t able to find a doctor who could help us when we found out, it was just really badly swollen one day and then it deformed from there), he was also sick when I got him, searching the net I think it was mouth rotting diesease. Also even though he seems to be growing his shell isn’t and if it doesn’t crack and splits open it will definitely suffocate him. The fungus (from mouth rotting disease) in its mouth decreased to a considerable extent that it dosn’t have to choke down the food with as much difficulty as before but its still hasn’t come down to a normal size and doesn’t seem to. The mouth rotting disease has also left its mouth broken, with only a bit sticking out which he uses to hold food to eat. His eyes are extremely swollen as well but he’s able to open and stare with them.
    I’ve been taking constant care of him, allowing only one hour’s worth of water time because I don’t want the mouth rotting to increase again and because it’s necessary to keep him hyderated, and I’m feeling him fish pellets as well as putting antibiotic cream in its mouth.

    I also keep him under a lamp, covered with a towel in a shoe box so he’s constantly sleeping. But when he wakes up he’s active and flighty and eats all his food.

    I’ve had him for more than six months now and I’m not sure how to further help him.

    Also my younger brother found this baby bird and I’ve kept it under the lamp rolled in a small towel as well. Its not eating or drinking anything, it has most of its feathers but because my house is filled with stray cats I can’t put it out in a bush or tree trunk.

    1. Sarah, we don’t know of any reptile vets in Karachi.. there are very few small animal vets practicing here to begin with (that we know of). We suggest you go to Dr. Isma (35851296), Dr. Otho (03212471053) or to Dr. Shalla (03226160876) tomorrow and get both your turtle and baby bird checked out. You can also call Veronique at 03343673237. She is not a vet, but has a lot of experience looking after turtles and tortoises, and so probably has seen such a disease before. Hope that helps.

  34. hi
    hope you guys are doing well
    well this mail is not about animal welfare ,actually i wanted to ask you guys that why was i blocked from posting on Paws page,I agree that i confronted one “mehvish Syed” but that was only after being provoked over and over again,and still i did not use any offensive language,i waited for some one from the admin to response,by either deleting the post or stepping in to resolve the conflict,but unfortunately i had to retaliate,i think you guys do know me as a person who has always been there with programs and schemes for animal benifits,helped in adoptions and rescues and have been an active and decent member.
    I hope that you guys will reconsider
    waiting for your response
    (ps.sorry to contact u this way ,i tried mailing you a couple of times but the mail dint go through)

  35. Is it possible for people in America to directly adopt some of the cats/kittens from your shelter or for a non-profit animal rescue group to become involved in helping to get some of the cats/kittens from Pakistan to the East Coast to be adopted?
    Thank you for all that you do for the animals there. It breaks my heart to know how cruelly they are generally treated. It gives my heart hope and brings tears of joy to my eyes that you are there helping and loving those precious animals the way they rightfully deserve to be treated. God Bless you and the animals you care for.

    1. plz contact me if you are really sincere n keen about it. I’m already feeding stray cats n dogs n exhausted my savings. regards
      Shehryar Kureshi
      Shehryar Kureshi@hotmail.com

  36. Hi
    I want to Volunteer but i don’t know how am i going to do this, really have a bad feeling when i see all the streets Animanls & Birds feel really helpless and was searching that some one must be there to help the God Creation. Yesterday i call my Vet Dr. Saud who told me about your PAWS institution. Since for last 3 days when i go and come back to office i saw a ill crow child on footpath who cant fly and finally yesterday i took him to my home where my vet told me to give him ORS which i did and i really feel satisfied, if somebody wants advice me please do so. I hope i will be able to make him fly back to the Sky. INSHA-ALLAH.
    Just want to ask why one has to kill the stray dog can’t be there any place where they can be kept and can be look after the God Creation.


  37. Hello
    m Vicky m a Student in university of Karachi
    i want to be a part of Paws in any way
    i really love animals specially dogs and horses
    but due to finansial prob i cannot afford to buy n feed one
    so i want to be a part of any assosiation like paws so i can atleast help them any way
    plz do reply me
    i previously email u ppl but didnt get any reply
    hope to get sum response this time 🙂

  38. hello, there is a horse lying in the middle of the road in lahore anarkali right infront of the old food street. it is alive. i have notified the TMO and Lahore Zoo, however the SPCA of university of veterinary sciences was closed. could you guys look into the matter please, none of the people seemed the least concerned about it!

  39. Hi All! Please note that I have a pure breed lab female, very friendly and is urgently looking for a loving home, she currently needs medical help, since she has developed a skin problem and I do not have the time to give to her to heal her, is there anyone out there who has extreme love for animals? She just craves attention and not very social with other dogs. But very people friendly, that’s for sure! If anyone genuinely wants to adopt her, please reply back! My email ID is Gerald_SAMs@hotmail.com (all small letters) i am currently in Karachi and preferably karachi people only! looking forward to your replies URGENTLY! Thanks alot

  40. I am a specialist in adult (human ) Infectious diseases. My concern is for humans who get bitten by stray animals, mainly dogs, and are at risk for rabies, a 100% fatal disease. I do not believe in killing stray animals, but wish to draw your attention to the internationally accepted and recommended method of vaccination and birth control of stray animals. Are there any vets who have experience, or would like to be involved in such a project in Karachi?

    Head, Dept of Infectious Diseases
    The Indus Hospital, Korangi, Karachi

  41. salam! PAWS is doing a great job! i would like to be a volunteer tooo. I am just 15 . Are there any birds to adopt?

  42. Hello! My family had a very bad experience with Edhi Animal Rescue some years back and I thought I’d share it here.

    We found an injured puppy near our home once. Unfortunately, we were not in a position to treat it medically so we called up the Edhi service. The rep kept asking us what breed it was. We told him that it was a stray in desperate need for help. He said that someone was on their way and we should wait. No one came. We called them again and and here’s what he told us: ‘Sir, if it’s a stray, we recommend that you take care of it yourself. Even if someone picks it up from our end, you can be sure that they will dispose of it while on the way. So many strays get injured daily that the caretakers only accept good breeds which can benefit them somehow.’ With this, he hung up. The puppy lasted for some hours only and we did all we could on our own.

    I hope things have improved at Edhi now.

  43. Salam,

    u guys are going very good. i want to be the part of Paws as volunteer.
    can u tell me how i can be the part of PAWS.


  44. HeLLo PAWS 🙂 I had a cat whohad lived wid us for 6 years and now she is lost :< so could u help us ? :/

    1. Sorry to hear about you losing your cat. Please post a photograph of her on facebook.com/pawspakistan and we’ll help spread the word.

  45. Hello,

    Its nice to see such passion, I would love to help some animals in need, I live in Chakwal City in Punjab, if there’s anyway I can adopt a pet or two I would love to take them in. Please get in touch.

    Shehryar Alam Khan.

  46. Hello,

    Its nice to see such passion, I would love to help some animals in need, I live in Chakwal City in Punjab, if there’s anyway I can adopt a pet or two I would love to take them in. Please get in touch.

    Shehryar Alam Khan.

  47. Hi guys,
    I love the amazing work that you are doing to help animals in Pakistan and would like your advice. I have heard various accounts of animals suffering at the Islamabad Zoo and have also read an article of ailing elephants http://www.newspakistan.pk/2012/01/11/Massive-corruption-and-nepotism-threatening-Lives-of-poor-elephants-at-Islamabad-Zoo/
    Is there a way we can help these animals? I personally would rather have this zoo shut down, but am willing to “settle” with the animals being cared for, having proper shelter, medical treatment, and nutrition.

  48. Its nice to see such passion, I would love to help some animals in flood area of shikarpur in 1910 heavy flood of our country I live in shikarpur in sindh I work for animals please get in touch

  49. Hi…

    I would like to share my story; I saw injured cat in my area and the cat wound was caught with maggots. So i was unable to treat because it was street cat. SO anyway somehow I contact to Dr. Shehla, and she really shows up like a ALLAH’s mercy. She visit my area herself and took the injured cat for treatment.

    I have no words to say thanks to Dr. Shehla for her efforts. And I really ask every fellow members and there friends to please sperad this message and Save the animals, your single call may can SAVE the one life. And believe me you will be fell happy inside by doing so. Rest is up to ALLAH, if they survive or not. But at least you will fell good inside that you did your best.

    Again I am thankful to Dr. Shehla.

  50. Hi. I really want to work for you guys! Please give me a job or something. i would do it for free. i’ll always be available for you guys.. please contact me!

  51. Hi, my cat gave birth to 5 kittens , but one kitten is weak , that she cannot properly walk , she do not stand, sit like other? any remedy? i think she have a nervous proble, her rear legs are weak, kindly help me out.

  52. Hi All! Please note that I have a pure breed lab female, very friendly and is urgently looking for a loving home, she currently needs medical help, since she has developed a skin problem and I do not have the time to give to her to heal her, is there anyone out there who has extreme love for animals? She just craves attention and not very social with other dogs. But very people friendly, that’s for sure! If anyone genuinely wants to adopt her, please reply back! My email ID is gerald_sams@hotmail.com. i am currently in Karachi and preferably karachi people only! looking forward to your replies URGENTLY! Thanks alot

  53. I would like to adopt a cat and I need some number to contact you guys on?
    I tried inboxing you with the pictures of the animals I selected over Facebook but I have not received any reply up-till now.
    Please respond as soon as you can.

  54. Two days back I spotted a kitten on my way to my sister’s home. Its rear limbs were fractured to the extent that the broken bones were showing and their sharp broken ends were piercing through the flesh and were gnawing at the other leg causing more wounds. I was disgusted by the cruelty of the person who having hit the cat went away without caring to take her to the vet. I thanked God that I spotted her. Thanked him again that she was still alive. I took her to Dr. Zulfiqar Otho. X-rays were done. He told me that the kitten would need metal rods in both of its legs to walk again. I was happy to hear that there was still a chance for her to be normal but I got worried as hell for the rods procedure is an expensive one.
    May be it was the sincerity of my intention to do anything to bring this helpless creature out of pain that my prayers were answered in the form of Ms. Mahera. She is willing to bear the expense for the cat’s procedure. I can not thank you enough, Ms. Mahera. Can not express enough how it felt to see great people like you with a heart of gold existed too. I wish more and more people like you were born everyday. May the brilliance of your soul and your noble mission touch every heart and you keep moving ahead. This help from your side means a lot. I am genuinely grateful. A million prayers for you and PAWS to flourish!
    The kitten will be operated tomorrow. Every one please pray for her!
    I will keep you posted Ms. Mahera. Thanks a lot once again. Thank you, Dr. Zulfiqar Otho for being there as well. You people are true saviors.

  55. Hey i’d like to volunteer for paws during these summers. I’d appreciate if you guys could give me a feedback of how can i do so

  56. you had sent me a message on facebook about my question that how i can help you.I have seen that page which you have suggested me & i want to temporary look after a cat or a bird in my home which are looking for adoption.thanks

  57. Miss Mahera, the operation went successful! Alhamdolillah! It was a complicated one and I was scared to death but Dr Zulfiqar did it very skillfully and I am very happy with how good the cat is doing but there are still some wounds that are being bandaged on alternate days and it would take some time before she could walk.. Dr Zulfiqar is administring antibiotics too! 🙂 Bless PAWS and Dr Zulfiqar!

  58. Today I have doped a small but injured kitten at Doc. Shalla clinic lets hope for the best that she survive. I think her both legs were broken while one eye was completely injured, but somehow she didnt catch the maggots. Otherwise i believe they would have made there way to her brain.

    Anyway pray for her. And thanks to Doc. Shalla.

  59. I want to ask you something,I am a student of intermediate.I am a animal lover like you.I regularly feeding wild pigeons and my other pets bird but the fact of matter is i wanna help animals but i am just a student except feeding the animal i cannot do something.I just wanna say that”i want to help animals please give me some advised”

  60. i am going to retire on june 30th 2012 and would like to volunteer specially by writing.and joining paws campaigns . plz let me know how to help.


  62. hi i m first time visiting this website n i have always been a street animal lover i just cant belive things are being done on such a level please tell me a way how can i be a volunteer part of it plzzzzzz

  63. Hello….My name is Annie from Karachi..I would like to volunteer for PAWS activities in my spare time.So kindly reply me asap.

  64. I’m a college student and i would like to do a cover story on PAWS as an organization for a local magazine. I have left an email. Looking forward to a speedy reply .

  65. I am a vet student in my last semester of DVM.i want to volunteer for PAWS.How can i join u guys in this great work.

  66. i would also like to volunteer myself.. all i can conribute is to spread the awareness about ur noble services so many people could open their hearts to adopt stray animals.. 🙂


  68. Awesome ppl. I just heard from a Peta friend that animals rights groups exists in Pakistan and I am thrilled to see so many wonderful ppl caring for animals.
    You should try bringing in PETA to your country. They are a giant animal rights organization. Check there website here, http://www.peta.org/

  69. Hi, i am from Islamabad city and i am going to karachi on Wednesday 24th October 2012 for 10 days and i don’t have anyone to look after my dog.. is there any one who can help me by keeping my dog for 10 days i’ll be very thankful to you.. my contact number is : 0334-5548102

  70. Hi, m from islamabad
    U guys are doing a marvellous job keep it up 🙂
    Actually I needed a favour
    From past few months I have been noticing my neighbours n I dnt know whom to complain
    They kill innocent street dogs n puppies just cz they bark at night
    Few of them were newborns 🙁
    V ignored them at first bt now its just too much … Shooting innocent street dogs n puppies just cz they bark is not fair at all … they have made this a habbit
    I can’t take this anymore
    I dnt know where to go n whom to complain
    Plz help me 🙁

  71. hi this is Dr Saba from lahore, im very much touchy about animals, i have 20 cats and dog and many birds at my home and i do alot care of them since long from my childhood, now i want to do some more work on amimals welfare pakistan, do let me know if i can help u, saba.uk@hotmail.com

  72. Hello PAWS. I am Asfa from Rawalpindi. I am 14 years old and I want to be a member of PAWS. Since I already have a cat and I live in a flat so I can’t help much but I would like to write articles for you to spread awareness of PAWS Pakistan and the importance of animals. I have already sent you an e-mail once for membership. Please give me this chance to help animals.

  73. Loved the cause raised by you. Atleast if not many but some humans are there who have feelings for these innocent creatures of Allah. I would like to know in what ways ur organization can be of help in the following scenario:

    on 1st of Nov, this year, i found 3 helpless puppies in my locality. They were being tortured by mischievious inumane boys who had put ropes in their necks and were dragging them on road. and when the small pups refused to be dragged and resisted, they would throw stones at them to make them move. For them it was fun. after 2 days at night i found them at my doorstep in very bad condition they were starving badly and their rib bones could be easily seen. Being an animal lover i immediately took them inside and since then these adorable cutiees are living with us. Once the boys manged to pull these from underneath the gate and with lot of struggle, we had to take the pup from those illetrate boys. In starting they used to cry whole night but with efforts now they feel comfortable and areq uite at peace. But, i have never had dogs before so now keeping them after almost 20 days with us, the problem is my parents are not happy with 3 pups in our home. I cannot put them out for those cruel boys neither can i keep them longer with me.

    1. in what ways ur organization can be of help in the following scenario?
    2. please guide me on how to keep street dogs at home, necessary vaccines and precautions?
    3. how to give flea free bath?

    P.S: i have never kept puppies and dogs as pets

  74. Hello PAWS, I am Saif from Karachi I must say that you people are doing great job keep it up.I am 17 years old and I am a great animal lover.I have 5 cats many birds and a Macao parrot at my home.I just want to ask that can I join ur team if yes then how???.and I also want to inform u that people of my area are so mean they have killed many of dogs and cats I dont know why.I live in a flat so i cant keep all of them in my house can u help me in protecting these innocent animals……..:(

  75. Hello.I am Asim,from Karachi.I am on a gap year before university and I would love to volunteer at PAWS.I cannot keep any animals at my place since I already have many pets and cannot accomodate any more,but I am willing to help at PAWS in any way that I can.I have no trouble handling birds,especially.Please tell me if there is anything I can do.Thankyou.

  76. This is the email I wrote to several Animal welfare and rescue organizations but NONE of them volunteered for help.
    My First name: Shehryar
    My Surname: Kureshi
    E-mail address: Shehryarkureshi@hotmail.com
    Hello my fellow humans. My name is Shehryar Kureshi and I’m from Rawalpindi,
    I’m an animal lover(regardless of what animal it is) as I believe that every living creature is creation of God, has a soul like us and they need care and love from us.
    I used to have 25 cats (I’m a crazy cat lover) until some of them died
    due to some viral infectious disease. I tried my best to provide them
    the medical help within my limited resources but firstly we did not have
    qualified vet in the vicinity.
    The reason I’m writing to you is because now I have only 10-12 cats
    left. I’m living in a rented portion. My landlord warned me to either
    dispose off all the cats or vacate the house. I could not do either so I
    end up renting another separate portion for the cats to provide them the
    shelter, food and caring they need. They are just like my own kids(as I
    don’t have any kids of my own).
    Everything was going fine until I lost couple of my contractual jobs and
    my salary shrunk to a point where it is becoming difficult for me to
    continue paying for the rented portion for the cats. The rent of that
    portion is approximately $100 per month(excluding the cost of their food…the total gomes around $250-$300. I was wondering and hope that
    if ANY of you guys can either provide me the financial assistance which I need
    to pay off their monthly house rent or guide me to some person or
    organization which can help me with it. I’ll be really grateful to you
    because otherwise I’ll have no other option but to dispose off the cats
    which I don’t want to do but don’t have any other option. really worried n
    depressed. lost 10 kgs of weight due to this stressful condition. You can
    verify my status and everything about me whatever way you like. I’ll
    provide you all the details. Even you can ask any of your representative
    to visit me and have a look at that shelter house.
    looking forward to ur response.
    Shehryar Kureshi
    Rawalpindi, Pakistan
    Cell: +92-313-990765

    I’ll have to vacate that rented portion(for shelter) in Feb,2013 at any cost because I don’t have sufficient salary and running out of my savings quite fast. I’m afraid that would mean that all the poor babies which I’ve been taking care of so far with good food,warm bedding n shelter in winters will be no more and I’ll have to dispose them off 🙁
    What other option I have…None…plz HELP!!!

  77. Heyy my name is Areeb and im a 14 year old boy living in karachi and i love animals. I’d love to volunteer for such a good cause and i highly appreciate the steps carried out by PAWS. I’d be grateful if you people give me a chance to volunteer .

  78. I found a litter of five new born kittens, all squirmish and wet. They were half frozen to death and I brought them home and fed them but my mom refused for them to be in the house any longer. Me and my friends are looking after them right now but they’ll surely die as we don’t have the resources, can we drop them off at PAWS?

  79. AOA
    i have been following up on ur work, since i heard about PAWS
    i am from Islamabad and i have a family Trust, which is the first ever Environmental Trust in the history of Pakistan. Environmental Watch Trust.
    i was looking forward to collaborating with PAWS as ur work is commendable. Environmental Watch Trust would like to arrange a function in collaboration with PAWS in Islamabad.
    Raja Javed Ali Bhatti.
    for further details do contact on this number…..
    looking forward 🙂

  80. plz contact me if you are really sincere n keen about it. I’m already feeding stray cats n dogs n exhausted almost all my savings in doing so. Help me help them. regards
    Shehryar Kureshi

  81. Welcome to my professional support ,, I am willing for positive response,,, towards Equine Welfare & other species as well,,,, Dr.Nasir
    SEM Hospital for Animals, Peshawar… Pakistan .. Mob: 0332920093688 Office “: 091-5818208

  82. Hi ,

    I am a doctor in training by profession, have decent writing skills and can possible help organise events. Although my work hours might be erratic I would very much like to see how I can contribute to your cause. Please send me a contact number on my email address so I can speak to someone and see how best to start.

  83. I am a 17 year old, residing in Karachi. I have just completed my O levels and applied for A levels in the meantime. I have written in newspapers and magazines for teenagers since I was ten years of age and still write for a page on facebook, FOR LIFE, which aims to raise awareness about Muscualr dystrophy. The page is taking baby steps right now because it has only been a month since it has been created but I have written in renowned magazine VSHINE INTERNATIONAL and Young world, DAWN. I am an animal lover and I love to work for causes.
    I would very much like to write for PAWS. If you could guide me through teh procedure, do let me know 🙂

  84. Hey pause, I am a Professional Graphic Artist as well as a Content and Copywirter. Needless to say I love animals as well . I have two brothers who are absolutely crazy about pet. I am willing to offer any help I can to your cause. Whether its voluntary services, or making write-up or even designing artworks and comics to promote PAWS’s mission and message. Give me a shout if you have anything in mind.

  85. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Hey PAWS, I am a Professional Graphic Artist as well as a Content and Copywirter. Needless to say I love animals as well . I have two brothers who are absolutely crazy about pet. I am willing to offer any help I can to your cause. Whether its voluntary services, or making write-up or even designing artworks and comics to promote PAWS’s mission and message. Give me a shout if you have anything in mind.

  86. I have recently retired from service.I want to b a PAWS volunteer.Since I am living in an apartment i will not b able to look after any stray/rescued animal/bird.However I want to take part in any other activity that PAWS suggests to me.Kindly contact me at the following email address.

  87. i am an eighth grade student and would like to know if i can be a PAWS volunteer. i recently had to leave two of my cats during shifting and am looking for ways of helping animals and taking care of them. i am very fond of animals and would go to an extent to care for them. if it is possible, please contact me on my email address.

  88. im in over my head,found these three kittens and i cant manage them..i think they might have flees, one of them hasnt poop’d in 3 days..is there any shelter in rawalpindi >_>
    need kitten bottles so does anyone know a store that would have those

  89. A bitch and her puppies are cold and hungry. Also, they are not safe at the place where they are. People are being cruel to them. Kindly, someone come to their help as soon as possible.
    This is Block 1 – Sector B2 Township, lahore. You can contact at this number if needed.

  90. Dear PAWS,

    I absolutely adore the work you are doing. Let me introduce myself. My name is Khizer Ghafoor. I am 19 years old, on a break after completing my A levels. I have been looking to work for an animal care society for a long time. I have just come across your society. I am very interested in volunteering and even adopting a Dog. Please help me out. I would love to work for your society.

    Khizer Khalid Ghafoor
    Email: khizer.ghafoor@nixorcollege.edu.pk
    Phone: 03333246758

  91. Dear PAWs,
    I am really glad you guys are doing something on animals rights. Well I am a student of BBA and I have to make a documentary on Animal’s cruelty and rights in Pakistan. So I needed information regarding that. It would be a pleasure if you can please help me.

  92. i wish if i can do volunteer job in pakistan i am from uk manchester plz post me documentation so i can come down to join your team to save the animals my email address is nawaabshahzad@
    yahoo.com plz send me a voluteer job offer

  93. hello,my name is shahwaiz ,i love animals and i love to be a volunteer but i amm just 13, i am studieng in school pleae ,please i want to be a volunteer .please dont think i am a kid i love animals please let me be a part.

  94. Dear PAWS, I’ve come across your wonderful site and I have to say that you’re really doing a great job! Bravi! People like you (and those who comment on your site) help all of us to still hope for a better world. And let me quote Mark Twain: “when a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction!”… (I’m an animal lover from Italy who shares his life with a lot of four-legged friends)

  95. I am an 18yr old student from Karachi Grammar School, i think i can help you guys in spreading awareness and even care for an animal if needed. Can somone please guide me? Also are there no internship programs offered by PAWS?

  96. Hello there.
    I rescued a kitten which was apparently abandoned by her mother.It was 2-3 weeks old then.Its been almost 3 months now and we’ve made quite a bond 😀 But lately I’ve run into a problem.My kitten totally ignores me when taken outside.It hisses at me and attacks me when I approach it.Inside the house she is an absolute angel but when taken outside it becomes one angry kitty 🙁 I’ve been told that neutering the kitten is the best solution.But I don’t know of any place which can get this job done.I live in Rawalpindi.it would be very kind of you to help me in this situation.

  97. Hey.
    my name is Maheen Anser i am 16 years old. InshaAllah in up coming days i will be a vet too.
    serving animals is what i do most. I feed all the cats and dogs around my locality and have rescued a kitten and i am keeping him with me.
    I want to visit your clinic if it would be possible ?
    and i want to be volunteer in (PAWS). And i will do all the possible help.
    Maheen Anser

  98. Hi my name is saim mujhe 3 din phele aik cat ka bacha tarpte howe street me nazar aya mene socha try krte he k iski jan bach jaye mene uskelye feeder lia nd dodh dia os se wo sans lene laga lekin stant nhi ho pa raha ta nd usko nick injury b ti jiski waja se wo stand nhi kar pa raha ta aik traf gir jata jab ye sure howa k iski care ki jaye to ye bach sakta he to mene fasla kia isko ghar leke jata ho iski care krta ho warna bhar to ye dodh kase pyegi or rahegi kas3 now me usey 3 din se dodh pila raha ho mene kafi doctor k pas b gaya but unho ne kuch sahi nhi batya ab me ghar me us cat k bache ko totka se ilaj kia uski nick fine hogai he.but now mere pas itna tym b nhi k cat k bache ki full care kr sako or also mujhe idea b nhi he k kase care kro even me usey zabardasti jab feedup krta ho to b mera dil hardly trap raha hota he kahi cat ka bacha hurt na hojaye or na he mere.pas itne pese he so agr kisi ko b karachi me koi aesi ngo ya idara ya walfer pata ho jo animale ki care kr sake i just want that k cat ki life bach jaye or wo itni bari ho sake k apna food khud tlash kr sake to is cat k bache ki life bachane kelye mujhe koi idea de help kre koi walfer dhond k batye ye mera cell number he kisi b tym txt ya call kr sakte he 03155154848

  99. I can volunteer and keep rescued pets temporarily! Please do contact me whenever you need me. I’ve rescued many cats, parrots and eagles and nursed them back to health by the grace of Allah. Goodluck with your work!!!

  100. I want to adopt a dog . I think a rottweiler will be the best. If u guys have a rottweiler puppy please inform me. Thanks and you guys are really doing a great job

  101. Hello 🙂 I live in lahore and would love to volunteer to adopt a kitten (especially a black one). I have prior experience taking care of animals and would love to volunteer.

    1. Hi, Jehanzeb

      Please call Dr. Ali Ayaz at 0345 6177779 or his assistant Ali Aslam at 0336 3241515 and request them to help, if you’re in Karachi.

  102. I found out a dog while I was going to get some utilities.
    He’s in a very bad condition.
    Kindly tell me how can I deliver it to you guys for care?

  103. I want to be a volunteer for PAWS . . . I have space available for keeping stray animals . . . can volunteer my time for rescue and fund raising activities . . . and can arrange supplies and donations as much as I can . . . Apart from that . . . Am crazy about animals . . . specially cats, and owns five of them . . . In case of any volunteer or adoption work, please contact me on 0347-9344708 . . . Regards . . .

  104. I’m an exporter of exotic meats to China. How many dogs/cats can you provide each month. I will pay top dollar for each animal. I will process and export them on my own expense.

  105. Is there a way to get free cat food to help the strays living in your neibourhood or possibly free veterinary services available to get them spayed.

  106. Hi , I am Dr Muhammad Yaqoob , I am a vet . I belong from Cholistan desert , I want to work for animals comfort in cholistan desert . please contact me if you have any interest about animal rights , animal food , shading , hunting prevention , and other things …….

  107. Hi PAWS, i sent you many emails regarding rescuing the dog and its babies that are laying outside my home i emailed you when 8 of the pups were alive now unfortunately two of them have been killed and rest are in danger. I’ve tried my best to save them but my locality is not ready to keep them. Kindly help me quratulainkhalilsalama@gmail.com to contact me. Kindly save their lives.

  108. Hello,

    In my streets in karachi dogs are in very bad condition. Dogs are dying because of hunger. They are going day by day toward death. Please contact to help them immediately at my what’s up. 0031614502224

  109. Hey there, I just wanted to say that this is a fantastic initiative for the poor animals on our streets. If there’s any way that I could volunteer or help, please do tell.
    Once again, thank you for doing this.

  110. I’d like to volunteer perhaps an internship without payment I’m no vet just a student who’s passionate about helping animals unfortunately I won’t be able to adopt a pet or temporarily keep one but if other than that there’s a place where i could assist in taking care of animals I’d love to know please contact me on aimenfluffy@hotmail.com

    1. Aoa my name is Amna and I’d like to volunteer for the animals cause we all know conditions of Pakistan rn and not many people really know about animal care or rights I’m a student in APS Bahawalpur but I keep on moving all over Pakistan and also I’ll be becoming a vet as it’s my passion to care for animals as it’s sunnah as well I’ve rescued many animals but this time I want to be official so if you are interested this is my email amnasajjad2k5@gmail.com

  111. My colleague have 35 cat collect from street , roads .She is raising it out of her own pocket and she wants to set up an animal foundation. Can you help her financially?

  112. Aoa my name is Christopher and I’d like to volunteer for the animals cause, i don’t have any prior experience or education in animal field but have a deep care and love for animals.. Please contact me on my email ID if you think i could be a help to you in your noble cause for these beautiful creations of God.. cmn1232@gmail.com

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